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ThoughtLeaders ranks and analyzes brands that use sponsorships to power their marketing. We discuss our analysis and share insights about branded content, native sponsorships and the advertising industry.

Content Trend Reports

Influencer Marketing Checklist

August 6, 2020
This checklist covers the basics of marketing strategy all the way to tracking and measuring results and everything in between - you’re welcome <3 

A little competition never hurt anyone

August 6, 2020
Here are some fail-safe strategies for learning from your competitor’s sponsorship history

How to create the perfect how to video

August 6, 2020
The How-To video has become a classic genre on YouTube, promising viewers a definitive guide on the best way to achieve the desired result. How-To videos done well can also be perfect opportunities for brand sponsorships.
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Brand Stories

Raycon, a rising star in influencer marketing

August 3, 2020
Raycon launched into the industry, quickly outpacing their more established competitors specifically through the use of sponsored content. Raycon is dominating 3 of the 4 major content verticals that we are seeing an ROI for audio brands across YouTube and podcast primarily. Raycon has also identified other brands that appeal to Raycon’s target consumer, such as Squarespace and Skillshare, and are optimizing their brand messaging through sponsoring only the top performing channels for these brands.

BarkBox: Finding a Dog-Shaped Silver Lining to COVID-19

July 30, 2020
The combination of new dog owners and existing pet owners being forced to stay home throughout the COVID-19 crisis created a perfect opportunity for BarkBox to shine. Like many DTC companies and other subscription-based services, BarkBox saw an increase in business as their service which was once deemed as merely a more convenient option to going to the store became a way for people to stay safe. As BarkBox’s business increased in March, so did their presence online.
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Brand Sponsorship Leaders

6 innovative brands redefining the fitness world

March 24, 2020
Let's have a look at some of the fitness brands that are disrupting the industry with innovative technology and business model.

5 cosmetic brands that successfully capitalized on beauty trends on YouTube

March 24, 2020
The beauty industry is ever-growing and has quickly managed to adapt to the online world.

5 most talked about e-learning companies on Youtube

March 12, 2020
Online courses can be joined by anyone, from anywhere in the world. In today’s shifting world and economics, people are in a constant need to reinvent themself and continue learning new skills. With an increasing amount of content being created around self-improvement and with new skill development becoming an economy unto itself, Youtube is the perfect platform to reach people looking to educate themselves.
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