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ThoughtLeaders ranks and analyzes brands that use sponsorships to power their marketing. We discuss our analysis and share insights about branded content, native sponsorships and the advertising industry.

Content Trend Reports

The Remote Work Trend Report

March 25, 2020
We’re here to provide you with some exclusive data straight from the ThoughtLeaders’ platform to help your digital marketing team succeed while everyone is working from home.
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Brand Stories

Why is no one talking about Quibi?

March 12, 2020
In the ever growing Game of Thrones that is the streaming wars that are just getting going and are looking likely to dominate the next decade, there is a new player that everyone is talking about. Or are they?
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Brand Sponsorship Leaders

6 innovative brands redefining the fitness world

March 24, 2020
Let's have a look at some of the fitness brands that are disrupting the industry with innovative technology and business model.

5 cosmetic brands that successfully capitalized on beauty trends on YouTube

March 24, 2020
The beauty industry is ever-growing and has quickly managed to adapt to the online world.

5 most talked about e-learning companies on Youtube

March 12, 2020
Online courses can be joined by anyone, from anywhere in the world. In today’s shifting world and economics, people are in a constant need to reinvent themself and continue learning new skills. With an increasing amount of content being created around self-improvement and with new skill development becoming an economy unto itself, Youtube is the perfect platform to reach people looking to educate themselves.
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