All-in-one platform to manage your influencer campaigns from start to finish.

Unlock the power of data and analyze content and channels to make better influencer marketing campaigns.

Data we track

We collect data that helps our clients manage their campaigns smarter and find the best sponsorship collaborations by using our data based predictions. Platforms we cover are YouTube, Podcast, Newsletter, Twitch, Newsletter, Tiktok, and Instagram. Data points we track include:

  • Brand sponsorships
  • Projected views
  • Uploads count
  • Total views
  • Brand mentions
  • Transcripts
  • Subscribers
  • Likes and comments
  • Evergreen content
  • and more!

Who is it for


Find the best evergreen and viral content to create and start partnering with brands you can trust.


Use our data to track the best sponsorship opportunities, manage campaigns, and identify industry trends.


Use our data to optimize your creator partnerships and book more successful integrations.

Use cases

How clients use our platform

Creator lists

Track your favorite creators and analyze their performance with our reports.

What’s Included:

Subscribers count over time

Total views

Projected views on the next video

Keyword and brand mentions

Sponsorship identification

Evergreen score

Find the most evergreen content that will help you get more views on sponsored content or content you publish.

Platforms we cover:






Real time updates

Our clients enjoy real time notifications that allow them to track their campaigns, find new sponsorships and rising YouTubers.

Get notified when:

A campaign is live

New sponsorship was published

Your brand was mentioned

Creators got million views

& more custom notifications!

Data delivery

Platform access

Keep track of all of your saved lists and see top line metrics about the content you care about.
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Use the power of our API connection to connect your existing tech, discover new ones, and build your tailored integration solution.
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Get real time updates on all the best YouTubers, hot sponsorship opportunities and the content you care about.
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