Our Platform

Get access to our data to find all the insights you care about.

Use our data to transform your digital marketing strategy.

Our platform scrapes content from across YouTube, Twitch, podcasts, newsletters and blogs

With access to our platform, you can dive deep into the content and generate your own killer insights

With our customizable plans you can choose the platform package that best suits your data needs

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Real Time Reports

Understand content in brand new ways with our customizable real-time reports

Real Time Notifications

Shouts is our latest AI development that helps brands and agencies elevate their influencer marketing performance.
Get real time updates on all the best YouTubers, hot sponsorship opportunities and the content you care about.

Choose the plan that works for you...

Our influencer marketing platform includes three plans you can choose from, depending on your needs.


Match your ads to content that amplifies your message

Use contextual targeting to make an impact with your ad campaign. Use our platform's advanced filters to transform your media buying by eliminating the wrong kind of ad impressions. Control where your YouTube ads appear, allowing for precise creative alignment to engage customers in the right way.

Who’s it for?
YouTube ad buyers PPC managers Podcast ad buyers


Partner with the right creators for your sponsored content campaigns

Make partnerships an unbeatable component of your marketing strategy using our data. Use our platform to get accurate insights into the influencer marketing industry and discover the content that will deliver results for your brand. Eliminate risk by using data to make smart partnership decisions, and maximize the return on every dollar you spend.

Who’s it for?
Media buyers Influencer marketing managers Brand managers


Measure the digital presence of any brand

If you aren’t measuring content, you are missing out on the daily activities of billions of people.
Get precise intelligence on the digital presence of your brand, your competition and your wider market. Understand the impact of content on your direct or organic search traffic spikes. Understand the context behind your brand mentions and solve your intelligence team’s content analysis gap.

Who’s it for?
Intelligence teams Marketing research departments Brand strategists