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Our experts can help you to start or scale your brand’s YouTube performance through effective sponsorship strategy, using our platform’s workflows on your behalf.

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If you want some help executing YouTube sponsorships, from a team that has almost a decade of experience in the space, our experts can manage your entire campaign strategy from start to finish, ensuring that your brand partners with the best YouTubers that hit your revenue goals every time.


Set your campaign goals

Meet with our agency team to discuss your brand messaging, KPIs and campaign budget. We've worked with campaigns of all sizes and objectives, so whatever your needs, we can help you achieve what you are looking for.

Find the right creators

Our team reaches out to hundreds of creators (both inside and outside our network) to find the perfect partners for your brand. We vet thousands of proposals to make sure each creator suits your brand's needs. We take care of analyzing the high-level data insights offered by our platform, including checking each channel's demographics, past content and relationships with other brands. Our team only brings you creators who meet your requirements and are serious about working with your brand.

Messaging and approval

Our team keeps you up to date with every step of the process, to make sure the creators have everything they need to properly present your brand. You get full approval over all creative assets, and will be able to check every ad before it goes live, and ask for any necessary changes. We handle all of the back and forth, so don't have to spend your time fielding questions from creators.

Analyze and strategize

Our team helps you analyze and optimize all campaign placements once they have gone live. Our reporting system is designed to help you decide which creators to work with again, and where to change direction and try different campaign approaches. We show you how to test and tweak until you have found the influencer marketing strategy that works best for your brand.

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