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Tips For Creators
July 17, 2023
min read
Noam Yadin

Best newsletters that every creator should be subscribed to

As a creator, staying up to date on trends, algorithm changes, important updates, and the creator economy in general is crucial - how else are you supposed to stay ahead of the curve and create relevant content? Getting that information in a way that is simple and user-friendly is ideal since we all know how much of a big, black hole the internet can be at times. The solution exists in the form of email newsletters - don’t roll your eyes and think ‘who even reads newsletters anymore?’. 

Why should you subscribe to email newsletters? 

Email newsletters are an incredible tool for any creator since searching the internet for articles and the latest news on the creator economy is tiring and cumbersome. With newsletters, you are receiving the most important and relevant news displayed to you on a silver platter, to put it simply.

Email newsletters are also a great place to find tools, tips, and tricks from others in the same world as you. You’ll be gaining insight from marketers and other creators that you’ll then be able to adopt in your own content creation and business. 

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 must-read newsletters you have to subscribe to. 

ThoughtLeaders’ The Week in Context 

The weekly newsletter written by yours truly dives deep into the latest creator economy news - making sure our readers stay informed about all the latest updates, features, relevant brands, creators, and social platforms. We obviously also sprinkle in data (we are data junkies after all!) from our intelligence platform. Think of this newsletter as your one-stop-shop about all-things influencer marketing. Eager to subscribe? Sign up here!

ThoughtLeaders' newsletter

We even have a newsletter specifically for creators - each week we showcase a brand that is actively looking for new creators to sponsor on YouTube. We provide the exact rundown of what they are looking for, so you can check if your channel would be a good fit, and apply directly to their campaign. We also share creator tips, tools you should be using, leading industry news, and more!

Marketing Brew

Marketing Brew is filled to the brim with marketing tips, think-pieces, and industry updates that arrives in your virtual mailbox three times a week. The newsletter is known to be extremely selective with the marketing tips that they share, so you know that the information you’re getting is of the highest quality. 

Tubefilter Top Stories Newsletter

Tubefilter has grown to be the most widely read source for the creator economy, so checking out their email newsletter is definitely a good idea. They report on all the latest updates related to the creator world, and also deep-dive into specific influencers that are on the rise. You’ll definitely feel inspired after you’re done reading this newsletter!

The Publish Press

The Publish Press is dedicated to bringing you the latest creator news (and why this news matters to you) three times a week. This email newsletter breaks down news about social platforms and gets right to the point. They also highlight specific influencers you should be keeping an eye on - emphasizing specific practices and trends they’ve adopted that you could, possibly, also add to your own strategy. 

The Hustle

Catching up with the news every day is important, and that’s what The Hustle is here for. The Hustle is delivered every morning, Monday through Friday, and you also receive deep dives on business, founders, case studies, and trends you should know every Sunday. You’ll be able to stay updated on the latest updates in business, tech, the creator economy, and lots more. With the help of this newsletter, you’ll definitely have what to talk about at lunch with your co-workers. 

TL;DR Marketing

‘TL;DR - too long; didn’t read’ is the perfect name for the marketing newsletter that provides the latest news in SEO, social media, paid marketing, and more, without having you read lengthy articles. The format also follows the same minimalist style as their updates, making it easy to skim through and not get too overwhelmed by graphics and emojis galore.

Buffer’s Social Media Newsletter

As a company, Buffer provides essential tools to help small businesses grow on social media and beyond, and its newsletter is a great extension of that goal. Their newsletter includes stories of businesses succeeding on social media, the latest social media experiments to try, as well as news and trends that will help you grow on social media.

Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencer Marketing Hub is known for producing detailed how-to guides, courses, and research reports in the social media and influencer marketing industry, and their email newsletter is another great resource to check out from them. This newsletter comes out twice a month, meaning that you’ll have a wide range of content available to you. The newsletter is also customizable based on the kind of information you are searching for (for example, content tailored more towards creators vs content tailored more towards businesses). The newsletter is displayed in a bullet point format, but you can easily click on any of the titles for more information! 

Influence Weekly

Net Influencer, the publishers of this weekly newsletter, provide in-depth news, commentary and insight for brands, influencers, and agencies. They also regularly interview startups, influencers, brands and platforms about their experiences with influencer marketing. So if you’re looking to learn more about the world of influencer marketing, this is a good email newsletter for you!

Stacked Marketer

Stacked Marketer promises to be no more than a daily 7-minute read that provides you with news, trends, tech, and actionable advice. Though it’s targeted at digital marketers, it’s also important for creators to read about what changes are occurring in the department. After all, creators and influencers have become a vital part of the marketing world. 

Let us know if you have any recommendations for email newsletters we should be subscribed to. If you have any questions, get in touch today to find out how we can help you out!

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