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Welcome to our FAQs page! Discover everything you need to know about our efficient and effective YouTube sponsorship opportunities. Learn how to scale your YouTube partnerships with quality content to drive business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I reach my target audience?

Sign up to our platform to see the full list of creators in our network and learn more about the audiences they target. Then, if you are interested in scaling, you can opt to pay for full access to our platform to discover more creators outside our network. We use advanced filtering to find professional YouTube creators who speak directly to your target audience. Click here to let us know more about the target audience you are looking to reach.

What does a YouTube sponsorship look like?

When watching a video and your favorite YouTuber says “This video is brought to you by X”? That is an example of a sponsorship. Sponsorships look slightly different on every platform and every channel, but typically on YouTube the creator will spend 30-90 seconds of the video talking about their brand sponsor, showing off their product or website, and giving a personal recommendation. Usually, they will also include a link to the product right at the top of the video description, making it easy for their audience to click through and buy.

How can I buy a YouTube sponsorship?

To buy an ad integration, sign up to our platform to explore our exclusive network and find the channels you wish to partner with. You can make the purchase directly on our platform. How exactly does it work? Scheduling and closing a deal is a breeze! Just pick a date, choose the sponsorship type, provide the required materials, and let our platform do the rest. You will be notified as soon as the ad goes live.

How much should I pay for a YouTube sponsorship?

You can sign up to our platform to unlock the price of an ad integration for each creator in our network. We have developed a formula that calculates sponsorship rates based on advanced metrics and performance predictions. This allows us to set a fair price for both brands and creators. You can also use our YouTube rate calculator to get a rough idea of standard industry pricing for any individual channel.

What do I need to provide to the creators?

Creators will expect to receive talking points to help guide how to describe your product and what selling points they should be emphasizing. You will also need to provide a link and promo code (if applicable) so that creators can direct their audience to the right place to buy your product. In some cases, you might also want to send the creators a free sample of your product for them to feature in the ad, and share their personal experience with their audience. The last thing you will need to provide is payment. We only work with brands who pay creators for their work.

Do I get creative approval over the ads that I’m paying for?

Yes, every ad will be sent to you for approval before going live, and you can ask the creator to make any necessary edits.

How do “Air Checks” work?

Our platform sends notifications as soon as a new sponsored video is posted, ensuring you are immediately informed about whether the creator has correctly presented your brand’s link. These notifications can be sent via Slack, Email, Google Teams, Discord, etc.

How do I make sure the creators are trustworthy?

Each and every creator in our exclusive network undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure high standards and maximum ROI for our brands. Your payment doesn't reach the creators until the ads go live, so you won’t waste money working with creators who never deliver.

What are the payment terms for creators?

All funds are held in escrow before being paid out to the creators on delivery of the sponsorship.

What are the indicators that a channel will be successful?

We evaluate each creator’s channel metrics, audience demographics, and sponsorship track record. We also interview them and run a pilot sponsorship to ensure high delivery standards and professionalism. Only creators who excel in executing YouTube sponsorships are accepted into our ThoughtLeaders’ network. Indicators of success include a high engagement rate on their content, a close match between their primary audience and your brand’s target demographic, and repeat relationships with previous brand sponsors.

How can I keep track of what my competitors are doing on YouTube?

Our platform analyzes active brands on YouTube, providing data such as which channels they are working with, their frequency of collaborations, the verticals they focus on, and more. You can create reports on our platform to help you make competitor research, track their activity, and analyze their marketing strategy on YouTube.

Can I use your platform to discover new creators?

Sure! We track hundreds of thousands of channels on our platform. With advanced keyword search and filtering tools, you can discover new rising channels by the metrics that matter to you.

Can I reach out to creators in your network?

Definitely! Our platform includes contact information and we've developed effective outreach features that allow you to streamline your outreach workflow and reach creators quickly and easily.

Can your team handle the entire campaign for us?

Yes, our team can manage the entire campaign process, from proposal creation and negotiation to ad operations and creator payments, all with full transparency in our pricing.

How do you handle campaign management?

Once you sign up for platform access, we can either provide you with the tools to run your campaigns or have our team of experts manage the campaign on your behalf. This includes proposal creation and negotiation, ad operations, and creator payments.

What happens if a sponsored video hits a certain number of views or is deleted?

We can set up notifications to alert you if a video you sponsored hits a specific view count or is deleted by the creator.

Do you work with agencies?

Yes, we work closely with a number of media buying and talent agencies. To understand how best we can collaborate with your agency, please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss further.