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Our sponsorship intelligence tool tracks every brand sponsorship on YouTube, podcasts & newsletters

What will you do with Sponsorship Intelligence?

Use ROI-proven data to create successful sponsorship partnerships

Understand how 10,000 content creators are doing sponsorships and how brands are picking their most successful strategies. Start exploring the world of sponsorships now!


Use data to find the right sponsorships for your brand

Whether you have a sponsorship strategy or just starting, our Sponsorship Intelligence software gives you all the data-backed insights to be successful, like competitors’ strategies, creators that match your brand, and what content is trending.

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Close deals with brands looking to sponsor new content

Understand when and where brands are buying digital sponsorships, with detailed insights into their strategy and purchasing patterns. Then, gather the data you need to convince them why your channel is the right fit.

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Let us take your YouTube channel to the stratosphere

Our team of proven-experts creates sponsorship opportunities for your YouTube channel.  We combine our custom tools with hands-on, personal management to grow and scale your successful brand sponsorships, so you can focus on creating great content.

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What will you do with Sponsorship Intelligence?

Influencer Marketing

  • Unreliable data - overrun by bots
  • No way to know what works so each new campaign is a gamble
  • Brand security is at risk
  • Data has no transparency or verification

Sponsorship Intelligence

  • Trusted data based on actual content partnerships
  • Use our proven methodology for evaluating channels and brands
  • Removes guesswork and invest with confidence
  • Strengthen brand image with quality content

Your marketing shouldn't rely on a digital popularity contest

Sponsorship intelligence helps you to make smart decisions. Our data shows you the brands, the content, and the ever-growing network of relationships.
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