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backed by data

backed by data

We use data to do influencer marketing the right way. From tracking industry insights, to managing every step of your campaign.
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Join our influencer marketplace and start partnering with brands you can trust. We help you to manage all of your brand partnerships, promote your channel to new sponsors and make money doing what you love.

What we offer creators

Talent representation

Our dedicated team of experts can handle all of your brand partnerships and help take your channel to the next level.
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Sponsorship calculator

Understand your value in accordance with industry rates and make sure you never get undercharged for your content.
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Connect with brands

List your channel in our creator network, choose your rate and get matched with the best brands for your content.
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We help brands to do influencer marketing the right way, using data to guide every decision you make. We help you to find the creators that will bring you the results you are looking for.

What we offer brands

Booking sponsorship integrations

Eliminate lengthy negotiations. Instead, understand exactly what each creator offers and book your brand partnerships at the touch of a button.
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Campaign management

With personal assistance from our expert team and our user-friendly campaign management, we remove all the headaches from working with creators.
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Influencer stats and analytics

Explore our public creator pages for free, or get unlimited access to all of our data to find all the insights you care about.
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Strategic partnerships to grow your network


Whether you represent brands or creators, our data platform can help you to to optimize your creator partnerships and book more successful integrations.

What we offer agencies

In depth data analysis at your fingertips

Get access to our data to find all the insights you care about, to discover and vet top talents and brands.
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More deals for your creators

Get your roster in front of the right brands. Learn about our current brand campaigns and the opportunities we can offer your talents today.
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Book creators for your campaigns

We can help you find creators for any brand campaign, at any scale, from a single creator to an entire content vertical.
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THOUGHTLEADERS success stories

Our partners

Learn from other brands who work with ThoughtLeaders on how they continue to grow their businesses and increase sales by using our influencers marketing services.

"Our journey with TL spans a solid two years. Initially, we dipped our toes into TL for sponsorship opportunity identification, leveraging TL's prowess to spot opportunities while they were still ripe, across diverse content verticals—like GTA-RP gaming, Minecraft Gaming, Trickshotting, and Dance.  We've expanded its role beyond the initial sponsorship scouting phase, to now a main role, entrusting it with post-campaign research and the critical task of vetting and researching prospective talent for both campaigns and our roster."

Connery Glans
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Jagged

"ThoughtLeaders quickly has become one of our favorite acquisition channels. They have a keen eye on creators that will fit with your brand and will work closely to make sure both parties get the most out of the relationship."

Daniel Ogden
Co-Owner & Chief Marketing Officer at Füm™

"ThoughtLeaders are undoubtedly the most involved, passionate, and effective agency I have ever encountered. The team has a divine-like ability to pair creators with the brands that their viewers enjoy - resulting in a significant win for everyone involved!"

Ryan Socash
MediaKraft CEO

"Wow, this is so impressive. That is the best platform I have ever seen. I wish everyone use this!"

Harry Stebbings
Twenty Minute VC • Founder

"My experience with ThoughtLeaders has been great. Before I used to worry about not having sponsored videos, but I don't have to worry at all anymore."


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