The smartest way to manage branded content

Find the best sponsorship opportunities from more than 50,000 thought leaders. Plan, purchase, and measure all in one place.

Everything in one place

ThoughtLeaders is a powerful marketing intelligence tool and branded content ad network rolled into one. There are no subscriptions or fees. Just declare your advertising budget and get started today.

Campaigns Completed Successfully
Competitor Strategy Reports Tracked
Content Creators
on the Platform
Native Sponsorships Analyzed Daily

High-Quality Content on
4 Different Platforms


Instantly evaluate, purchase and track native podcast sponsorships with the world's most downloaded shows.


Find the best native YouTube sponsorships for your brand. We offer both creator endorsements and full video integrations.

Email Newsletters

Purchasing and managing newsletter sponsorships are a breeze with our live preview feature.


Purchase sponsored articles by respected thought leaders, perfect for building up your brand's reputation.

How it works

Native sponsorships are the future of marketing, and we've made purchasing and managing them as easy as programmatic ads.

Gather insights

We process more than 4 million pieces of content daily and extract highlights.

Spy on your competitors

Track your competitors' marketing strategies and see which thought leaders are working for them.

Plan your campaigns

Our platform lets you set and track your strategy and track so that you can optimize it as you go.

Buy sponsorships

Purchase directly through the platform and manage all of your payments in one place.

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