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Our CEO, David Tintner, chats with guests working in all areas of digital marketing and online content. Looking for a recording room? Book our podcast studio here.

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Pavel Bains - Co-founder of Bluzelle

December 15, 2021
Pavel Bains explained the crypto ecosystem, touched on the wild west of NFT’s (for those who are still trying to grasp the basics), and revealed how the world of gaming will completely transform people’s understanding of cryptocurrency. It’s safe to say that Pavel Bains pulled us down the crypto rabbit hole...

Alanah Joseph - Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot

December 8, 2021
Alanah Joseph gave us insight into why HubSpot decided to go down the podcast route, what it means to be a part of the network, what does success look like for podcasts, and what’s Joseph’s personal goal with HubSpot’s podcast network.

Claire Atkin and Nandini Jammi - Founders of Check My Ads

December 1, 2021
Claire Atkin and Nandini Jammi exposed the steam of the disinformation crisis, clarified their roles in the systems (for all the trolls in the back), explained what brands can do today to double-check their marketing efforts, and highlighted the power brands have if they work together.

Darren Heitner - Founder of HEITNERLEGAL

November 24, 2021
Darren Heitner breaks down NCAA’s past NIL regulations, the current state of student-athletes ability to profit off their NIL, and how college athletes and brands should take advantage of this new opportunity.

Dan Weinstein - Co-Founder of Underscore Talent

November 10, 2021
Inside scoop about the future of the creator economy with Dan Weinstein, Co-Founder of Underscore Talent

ChefPK- YouTuber

November 3, 2021
Inside scoop on how ChefPK went from being a hotel chef manager to a YouTube chef creator

Craig Hewitt- Founder of Castos

October 27, 2021
Inside scoop on what it really means to be a podcast hosting and analytics platform

John Lee Dumas - Host of Entrepreneurs on Fire

October 20, 2021
Inside scoop on how to excel in the world of podcasts with the award-winning host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, John Lee Dumas

Phil Ranta - CEO @ Wormhole Labs

October 13, 2021
Listen to what brands, creators, and people in general should look forward to in a metaverse future

Bryan Barletta - Founder of SoundsProfitable

October 6, 2021
We sat down with Bryan Barletta to get the inside scoop about the current state of podcast adtech, everything from the golden metric to the biggest problems in the industry.

Andrew Warner - Founder of Mixergy

September 29, 2021
We sat down with Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy, who shared his insights, as well as tips & tricks about the marathon that is entrepreneurship.

James Davidson - Influencer Relations Manager @ Twitch

September 15, 2021
Listen to learn what it really means to be a full-time Twitcher, how brands can get started with Twitch partnerships, and much much more.

Episode 11 - Will Hamnett, Jungle Creations

July 13, 2020
If you have been on Facebook recently, then I can almost guarantee you that you have seen some of Jungle Creations' content. They are the brains behind, VT., Twisted, Craft Factory, LVL and Four Nine.

Episode 10 - Donna Dror, SimilarWeb

July 6, 2020
In this interview with Donna Dror, the General Manager of North America at SimilarWeb, Donna gives us a great understanding of how the world of content really works behind the scenes.

Episode 9 - Rich Antoniello, CEO of Complex Media

June 22, 2020
I got the inside story of how Rich and Complex Media did things the right way and morphed from their humble beginnings into the powerhouse they are today.

Episode 8 - David Bloom, Forbes & Tubefilter

June 15, 2020
David and I are chatting all things content, from the streaming wars to brands shifting away from traditional TV advertisements and turning to YouTube and podcasts instead. Finally, we attempt to look into the future of content and David explains what the Metaverse is, how its already here, and how it will change the way we consume content.

Episode 7 - Donna Adi, Artist & Creative Director

June 8, 2020
Donna walks me through her creative process, explains how she created her own niche in the digital art community and gives us a behind the scenes look at some of her biggest collaborations.

Episode 6 - Terry Adelman of MENfluential Media

June 1, 2020
Terry and I talk everything that went into creating this media company, to what makes their channels connect with their audience so well and everything that goes into a Menfluential channel.

Episode 5 - Dan Conn, ThoughtLeaders CRO

May 25, 2020
Dan Conn and I get down to basics about branded content.

Episode 4 - Simon Whistler, the historian of YouTube

May 18, 2020
On today's episode I am chatting with Simon Whistler.

Episode 3 - Goal Guys

May 11, 2020
On today's episode, I got to sit down with the Goal Guys. We discussed what goes into each one, the difficulties, and how they are inspiring others to better themselves.

Episode 2 - Adam Ragusea

April 30, 2020
On today's episode, I sit down with YouTube cooking star Adam Ragusea to learn about how Adam got his start and he's become one of the leading cooking shows on YouTube.

Episode 1 - David Tintner

April 21, 2020
In today's episode, I sat down with David Tintner, Co-founder and CEO of ThoughtLeaders and former host of the Hacking UI podcast. We discussed how he got his start creating content and how that helped him launch his current company, ThoughtLeaders.
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