How has our partnership with Füm helped to grow their business?

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Who is Füm?

Füm is on a mission to accelerate humanity’s breakup from the bad habits that consume far too many of us. Füm is a natural diffusive device that uses plants & and behavioral science to help you trade out your negative habit for a positive one.


According to Füm….

The primary objective of the campaign was to achieve a high return on investment and determine which YouTube channel niche yielded the best ROI. The goal was to drive sales of numerous products on the website while also experimenting with new product flavors. Additionally, the aim was to establish YouTube as the primary platform for product sales.

Our Campaign

Key Campaign Metrics

The key campaign metrics included measuring the ROI to assess the campaign's profitability, tracking the performance of different YouTube channel niches in terms of driving sales and conversion rates. The overall goal was to analyze these metrics and determine the effectiveness of YouTube as the primary platform for product sales.

236 ad integrations to date

40 million impressions

35% of test channels became multi video deals

$25 Average CPM to date

The Thought Leaders take

Tom Alush, Account Manager

The increasing demand for improving and developing a healthy daily routine, along with adopting new habits, has made YouTube an ideal platform for marketing Füm's products. The campaign yielded excellent outcomes and garnered a positive response from the targeted audience. A clear indication of the campaign's success is that Füm has consistently raised their quarterly ad budget by 30% since its inception.

Sydney Watson
A journalist YouTuber, promoted Füm to her social media followers
910K subs
The movie YouTuber explained how Füm can help trade out negative habits to positive habits
1.45M subs
Whiskey Tribe
A Whiskey Sommelier YouTuber introduced Füm’s vape flavors to their subscribers
511K subs

Partnerships with Creators

Our campaigns have encompassed content promotions across YouTube, establishing partnerships with channels covering diverse topics including alcohol, DIY, movies, health, wellness, fitness, and general knowledge. Through these collaborations, we successfully engaged with new audiences that closely align with the brand's customer acquisition objectives.

Cheal Sonnen Black and White Photo
Chael Sonnen
The UFC Superstar offers a unique perspective from the world of mixed martial arts
9 integrations
YouTube icon for The Quartering
The Quartering
Offering commentary on politics, comics, video games, and the entertainment industry
16 integrations
YouTube icon for Astrum
A general knowledge channel dedicated to answering questions about the solar system
6 integrations
The Final Verdict

An endorsement from Füm

“ThoughtLeaders has quickly become our favorite acquisition channel. They have a keen eye on creators that will fit with your brand and work closely to make sure both parties get the most out of the relationship. In the future, if we start a new business as entrepreneurs here at Füm, ThoughtLeaders will be one of the first agencies we connect with.” Daniel Ogden Co-Owner & Chief Marketing Officer at Füm™


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