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How has ThoughtLeaders helped Curiosity Stream to use YouTube sponsorships to attract more customers?

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Who is Curiosity Stream?

This subscription video streaming service was launched in 2015 by the founder of the Discovery Channel. They specialize in documentary programming including films, series, and TV shows. We began working with Curiosity Stream in 2019, running part of their YouTube sponsorship campaigns. Over the years, our media buying team has delivered consistent results that have helped this brand use YouTube as a key part of their customer acquisition strategy.Check them out:


According to Curiosity Stream...

“The goal of our engagement with ThoughtLeaders is increasing awareness of Curiosity Stream and delivering new subscribers efficiently. Working with ThoughtLeaders is great - They've delivered on the goals we've set and we're always collaborating on new creators or verticals to try, as well as A/B testing ideas to improve our key metrics."

Our Campaign

Key Campaign metrics

In judiciously vetting each channel that is included in our campaign, we have achieved an impressive success rate in taking channels from one initial test to becoming long-term tried and tested partners for Curiosity Stream.

433 ad integrations to date

42% of test channels became multi video deals

259 million impressions

5.30 average CPM to date

The Thought Leaders take

Adin Fuchs, Account Manager

“YouTube is the ideal platform for us to promote Curiosity Stream. There is a natural overlap between their target customers and the audiences that use YouTube on a daily basis to learn, discover and enjoy quality content. That means that endorsements from the channels we engage in this campaign are authentic and effective, the Curiosity Stream brand is a perfect fit for the values these channels represent."

David Pakman Show
The YouTube broadcast of the nationally syndicated progressive talk show.
47 integrations
What If
An epic exploration of possibilities based on that simple question... what if?
13 integrations
Today I Found Out
The general knowledge show designed to teach viewers something new every day.
29 integrations

Partnerships with Creators

Our YouTube campaign has centered around leading general knowledge and education channels. The campaign works because of the clear overlap with the content itself: the audience that these channels attract are hard-core history and general knowledge fans so it makes sense that they want to find more quality content that engages with these topics on Curiosity Stream's platform

Cheal Sonnen Black and White Photo
Chael Sonnen
The UFC Superstar offers a unique perspective from the world of mixed martial arts
9 integrations
YouTube icon for The Quartering
The Quartering
Offering commentary on politics, comics, video games, and the entertainment industry
16 integrations
YouTube icon for Astrum
A general knowledge channel dedicated to answering questions about the solar system
6 integrations

An endorsement from Curiosity Stream

“ThoughtLeaders helps us expand our awareness efforts by introducing Curiosity Stream to audiences that otherwise might not know of us. Additionally, ThoughtLeaders helps us give audiences a sneak peek into the content they can expect to see on our platform. Finally, testing with ThoughtLeaders has allowed us to find new verticals to target that we probably would not have thought of. We've been able to run smaller tests to find those verticals and then not only scale up via ThoughtLeaders, but also use that targeting data in other marketing channels.”


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