How did a multi-format campaign help this “pre-alcohol probiotic” find new customers?

Business model
Concentric cirlces
Concentric cirlces
Concentric cirlces
Customer acquisition
Concentric cirlces
YouTube, podcast and TIkTok

Who is ZBiotics?

Engineered by a team of PhD microbiologists, ZBiotics is a probiotic drink that breaks down the byproduct of alcohol responsible for those rough after drinking. It is a patented, genetically engineered probiotic that is engineered to break down an unwanted byproduct of alcohol called acetaldehyde – the main culprit in those tough mornings after.


Strategic creator partnerships

ZBiotics wanted to use channels that talk about topics including alcohol, news and food to make more people aware of their unique product. All integrations include a strong Call to Action, encouraging the viewer to try the Zbiotics product for themselves and purchase from their website with a custom discount code.

Our Campaign

Key Campaign metrics

In testing new messaging and different approaches across the range of creators we have worked with, we have helped ZBiotics to expand their audience and find customers who love their product. Testing is key to allowing us to run creative campaigns that are always trying something new, whilst adhering to the brand’s core goals and values.

122 creators partnered with to date

453 integrations

50 million + impressions

Launched the brand on TikTok

The Thought Leaders take

Tom Alush, Account Manager

I have had the pleasure of leading the strategy for ZBiotics on YouTube and other platforms, and I am thrilled with the results we have achieved together. ZBiotics is a company that is dedicated to creating innovative products that help consumers live healthier lives, and it has been a pleasure to work with a client who is so passionate about their mission. Throughout our collaboration, ZBiotics has been open to exploring different platforms, verticals, and types of integrations to reach their target audience.

Chuds BBQ
This barbecue legend gave the perfect plug for using ZBiotics to better enjoy a good drink.
279K subs
Abbey Sharp
This YouTube dietician brough a powerful health perspective to her endorsement of this product
579K subs
The Mash and Drum
This niche channel targeted whisky lovers, and spoke to an audience primed for this product.
77.9K subs

Partnerships with Creators

Our campaigns have included content promotions across YouTube, podcast, and TikTok. We explored a variety of verticals and types of integrations in order to identify and reach out to the most relevant influencers for their brand. By doing so, we were able to expand ZBiotics' reach beyond their typical target audience and connect with a wider base of users who were highly interested in their product.

Cheal Sonnen Black and White Photo
Chael Sonnen
The UFC Superstar offers a unique perspective from the world of mixed martial arts
9 integrations
YouTube icon for The Quartering
The Quartering
Offering commentary on politics, comics, video games, and the entertainment industry
16 integrations
YouTube icon for Astrum
A general knowledge channel dedicated to answering questions about the solar system
6 integrations

An endorsement from ZBiotics

“The ZBiotics team feels very fortunate to have a strong partnership with ThoughtLeaders. ThoughtLeaders has been an integral part of ZBiotics' new customer acquisition and growth in 2022 and this year. Not only does our account manager understand our KPIs, but he also understands our brand mission, vision, and values through and through. This has made for a very meaningful, efficient, and long-lasting relationship”.


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