Magic Spoon

"We see YouTube very much as a performance marketing channel, with a goal of acquiring as many new customers as efficiently as possible. Our account manager from ThoughtLeaders has been aligned with our goals from day one, which makes the project of building our program easier and more streamlined. It really makes a difference when a partner brings expertise, an informed point of view, and a hustle that matches our own!".
Anne Wang
Senior Growth Marketing Manager
The Industry
DTC - Food and Beverage
The Goal
Customer Acquisition
The Results
100+ Million Impressions & 3.2 Million Likes and Comments

Who is Magic Spoon?

Magic Spoon is a food company that provides childlike, low-carbohydrate cereal foods for adult customers. The cereal is keto-friendly and non-GMO and free from gluten, grain, wheat, soy, and artificial sweeteners. Check them out:


From Niche Product to Mainstream

Our team has accompanied Magic Spoon through their growth from a niche DTC cereal brand to becoming a widely recognized cult product that is now available to buy in stores. ‍


Partnerships with Varied Channels 

Throughout their campaign, we've explored different verticals on YouTube, with a heavy emphasis on experimentation and optimization. Magic Spoon is now a respected sponsor that many creators are keen to work with, which allows us to constantly find new creative partners and offer competitive CPV rates. Our campaigns have included content promotions across YouTube. We have explored partnerships across channels with topics as diverse as lifestyle, fitness, food, and entertainment. With each of these verticals and more, we have engaged with new audiences who are highly relevant to the brand’s customer acquisition goals. They successfully partnered with YouTubers such as Toy Galaxy, and Majorkill.


Key Metrics

  • 995 ad integrations to date
  • 109 million impressions
  • 3.2 million likes and comments
  • across almost 400 channels

According to The New York Times...

"The Magic Spoon ads got me... I breezed past all of the ads for keto-this and paleo-that without much thought. But Magic Spoon stopped me mid-scroll."


Diverse Verticals and Integrations

"Our partnership with Magic Spoon has been so fruitful and important. Through our ongoing relationship, we have been able to explore a myriad of verticals and different kinds of integrations, which have given us valuable insights and a deeper understanding of their market and audience. We look forward to continuing our work, and exploring new and exciting platforms and creators that will bring them value".

- Alan Kronik, Creator Partnerships Manager

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