How did a multi-format campaign help Boot.Dev in securing more renewals and long-term integration partnerships with customers?

The Industry
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The Goal
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User acquisition and renewals
The Results
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360% ROI on Ad Spend
"ThoughtLeaders has made our integration campaign considerably easier. With their help, we were not only able to place ads where they would be most effective, but we were able to gain valuable data while we were at it. Their comprehensive reporting platform makes reviewing metrics and demographics a breeze. Running the numbers, it looks like we double our ad spend on average through ThoughtLeaders. That puts us at an ROAS of 2 and some change."

Who is Boot.Dev? offers the smartest way to master backend development by tackling the hardest problem with e-learning: boredom. Their platform uses tactics learned from modern game design to push ambitious students toward their goal: a job as a backend developer. Through hands-on lessons that balance theory with practice and an active Discord community, users are prepared to tackle technical interviews and forge a successful programming career.


According to Boot.Dev...

"Our goal was to enhance our renewal rate and foster long-term integration partnerships with customers. When running the campaigns, we prioritized CPV and CPA goals, focusing on sign-ups and redemptions."


Key Metrics

The objective of Boot.Dev's YouTube campaign was to optimize CPA and CPV metrics while driving signups and renewals efficiently. The collaboration with ThoughtLeaders allowed them to consistently meet their targets, and continuously explore new strategies and A/B testing ideas to enhance their key metrics.


Partnerships with Vetted YouTubers

Our campaigns encompassed content promotions across YouTube, delving into diverse verticals and integration types to pinpoint and engage the most pertinent influencers for the brand. This strategic approach extended Boot.Dev'sch beyond its customary target demographic, fostering connections with a broader audience deeply interested in their product. They've effectively collaborated with YouTubers like Empyrian Gaming, MrNoSleep OSRS, and ScreenCrush.

"Focused on PC gaming content, particularly RPGs, we conducted research targeting creators catering to this niche audience. Our primary focus was on channels with a predominant viewer age range of 25–34, aligning our CPV calculations accordingly. Runscape looks to be our winning game, and MrNoSleep our winning creator."

- Lane Wagner, Founder &  Winston Wagner, Head of Marketing, Boot.Dev



"Working with Boot.Dev is an exceptional experience. Their campaigns consistently deliver outstanding results, fostering seamless collaboration and trust. Functioning as an extension of their team, we work closely together in a rewarding environment. A key aspect of our partnership is the transparency and trust shared between us, allowing us to focus on delivering results. The outcome? Remarkable success for all parties involved—creators, the brand, and us."

- Melanie Bendayan, Account Manager

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