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How has our partnership with Fetch Rewards helped the rewards app to grow their business?

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Who is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards offers their users an easy way to get free gift cards or cash back rewards. Simply by scanning grocery, shopping & restaurant receipts into their mobile app, users are able to accumulate rewards points. These points can then be redeemed at hundreds of popular stores and restaurants. Check them out: www.fetchrewards.com


According to Fetch Rewards...

“ThoughtLeaders has been a great partner to work with especially for CPI/CPA campaigns. They understand our brand goals and always come with appropriate talent. While working with them we've uncovered two new verticals that are strong from an acquisition perspective, and they help us to continue to test and learn. For an emerging brand this is key. We're excited to continue to work to grow the Fetch brand together!”

Our Campaign

Key Campaign metrics

In testing new audiences and different verticals, we have helped Fetch Rewards to expand their audience and find committed customers. Testing is key to allowing us to run creative campaigns that are always trying something new, whilst adhering to the brand’s core goals and values.

530 ad integrations to date

41% of test channels became multi video deals

435 million impressions

$5.10 average CPM to date

The Thought Leaders take

Adin Fuchs, Account Manager

"By exploring different platforms, verticals and types of integrations, Fetch has been able to reach people who were part of their more obvious audiences as well as learn who their unexpected users could come from. We have been working on with them for years, and look forward to continuing our collaboration, and help Fetch Rewards to partner with the content creators that matter."

Rob Gronkowski (Gronk)
The legendary an American football tight end promoted Fetch Rewards to his social media followers
Babish Culinary Universe
The famed YouTube chef featured Fetch in a “Sad Birthday” video with collaborator Sohla El-Waylly
9.6M subs
Matt Stonie
The food challenge YouTuber promoted Fetch during his search for the best fast food chicken sandwich
15.3M subs

Partnerships with Creators

Our campaigns have included content promotions across YouTube, podcast, newsletter and Instagram. We have explored partnerships across channels with topics as diverse as money-saving, family life, foodie culture, student living, sports and beauty. With each of these verticals and more, we have engaged with new audiences who are highly relevant to the brand’s customer acquisition goals.

Cheal Sonnen Black and White Photo
Chael Sonnen
The UFC Superstar offers a unique perspective from the world of mixed martial arts
9 integrations
YouTube icon for The Quartering
The Quartering
Offering commentary on politics, comics, video games, and the entertainment industry
16 integrations
YouTube icon for Astrum
A general knowledge channel dedicated to answering questions about the solar system
6 integrations

An endorsement from Fetch Rewards

"There is definite power in marketing outside of your typical channels and ThoughtLeaders definitely played a huge role in helping me realize that, they are now a fixture within our marketing plans” - Krishnan Menon, Marketing Director at Fetch Rewards


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