Trends Report

The Trends Report enables you to combine data from different sources - all into a single beautiful trend report. This will help you make high-level strategy decisions by showing the bigger picture of any content trend you are interested in exploring.

Brands and Creators can use Trends to monitor all of the key success metrics in a single view. You can enjoy plenty of great visuals and critical data to measure trends from various angles.

Use the Filters column on the left to adjust the graphs and metrics you see on the page. Here's how you can use them to analyze top food brands and their involvement in content around "subscription boxes" and "meal prep".

Step 1: Open the Trends report

Step 2: Click on Brands and type in "HelloFresh". Select the brand from the drop down list and repeat for brands like "Blue Apron", "Daily Harvest" and "Thrive Market"

Step 3: Click on Keywords and type in “subscription boxes”. Click enter then type in “meal prep” (you can choose between linking these keywords with AND or OR commands simply by clicking on these terms.)

Step 4: Save your list at the top of the page using the Save icon to make sure you get updated values when you revisit your list without having to recreate it from scratch.

Understanding your results

The Overview section makes it possible to see data across various sources without needing to switch between other pages or tabs. 

This enables you to see the traction of certain Brands, Thought Leaders, Keywords, Content Categories or any other fhe time period that you’ve selected.

How are brands and creators engaging with this trend? 

The Trends graphs show you all of the above and more.

These graphs allow you to immediately see if this trend is increasing or decreasing over time.

Mentions refers to the individual pieces of content that apply to your filters.

The Brands graph shows you the number of brands that have appeared in that content.

Thought Leaders shows you the number of channels releasing content that is relevant to your search at any given point in time.

Deep dive into YouTube 

This section shows you how your selected filters stand out in YouTube, allowing you to truly understand the bigger picture.

Using the Sentiment Score, you can quickly see if your content has been received positively or negatively by the audience, through seeing the weighted value of the overall likes. To understand this simply: if the number is closer to 100%, it means that the content has received a positive reaction; if it’s closer to 0% it means it has a negative reaction. 

Finally, you can see the total amount of time associated with the videos that apply to your filtered search. In this example, the video duration if we were to add up all of the videos that apply to this trend would be 30 days and 5 hours.

Discover which format is dominating this trend

Quickly understand which format has the most mentions and individual creators from your applied filters, with this bar chart that breaks down your results according to the various formats that we are tracking.

Explore which Content Category is HOT

See which category of content is most relevant to your applied filters. This can help you to decide where to invest next or how your content stands up against the overall trend.

We hope this was helpful - please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

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