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ThoughtLeaders can help you to scale your brand partnerships and turn content creation into a business.

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Brand relationships are a lot like matchmaking. We help you to find long term sponsors for your content, so you can grow your businesses together with the brands you promote. We are committed to finding brands that are highly relevant to your channel, so that your ads can fit seamlessly with your wider content. You just need to tell us the kinds of brands you are interested in, and we will help you partner with products that your audience will be excited to hear about.

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Campaign planning you don’t even need to think about

Our platform is designed for easy campaign management. We make it a breeze to collect assets and talking points, schedule your content and get brand approval - so you can spend less of your time chasing brands, and more time focusing on the content. We also notify brands once the content is live, and make sure you get paid on time for your hard work.

Overflowing inbox? We can help with that.

We offer free inbox management, to make sure you never miss another business enquiry. We handle all inbound requests, so you only need to hear about serious brand deals that fit your partnership requirements. That means no longer explaining to brands that you are not prepared to work for free - we make sure you are paid what you are worth, every single time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I get paid?

When you create an account with us, we ask you to provide your payment details. Once your ad integration goes live, we send you payment according to our standard payment terms, to make sure you get paid each and every time.

How can I find brands to sponsor my content?

We can help match your content with relevant brands. Our platform analyzes your content and uses this data along with the demographic and pricing information that you provide us with, to help us identify potential brand partnerships. We’ll be in touch to let you know once we have a brand campaign that would be a good fit for your content.

How do I know how much to charge for my content?

Our campaign management team can help to manage your budget and make sure you don’t overpay for your content partnerships. You can also use our YouTube and Podcast rate calculators to get a rough idea of standard industry pricing for any individual channel.

How do I know if a brand is legit?

If it’s a brand that our team has brought you, rest assured that we have done the vetting for you, and we can verify that the brand exists (and so does their influencer marketing budget). We only work with brands who pay creators for their work, rather than offering “exposure” and a free product. 

If you get an independent brand enquiry that didn’t come through ThoughtLeaders, feel free to drop us a line and we can check our platform to find out if that brand has a track record of working with creators. 

How should I incorporate the ad into my content?

Your agreement with the brand will usually stipulate the placement and the exact length of the ad. The brand will also provide you with talking points, but the rest is up to you! The best ad integrations often relate in some way to your wider content. Aim to make it sound like a personal endorsement for something you believe your audience will want to know about.

How can I secure long-term brand partnerships?

Simply put, if you help make money for a brand, they will want to keep spending money on sponsoring your content. Approach each brand partnership like a business relationship: if you deliver your ad on time and prove yourself to be a reliable and likable creative partner, brands are more likely to want to work with you again. Better yet, if your ad integration generates sales for the brand, they will see genuine value from your partnership, making it likely that they’ll want to engage in a long term relationship.

Can I turn down brand partnerships?

Yes. Every brand partnership is your choice. You can let us know your brand preferences when you first start working with us, so we don’t suggest your channel for any companies that you would feel uncomfortable promoting. You also have the right to turn down any partnership opportunities that our team brings you.

Will I receive the product that I’m promoting?

In many cases, when the brand has a physical product to promote, they will send you a free sample of that product to feature in your ad integration. In those cases, our team will confirm your shipping address in order to send you the product.

Am I allowed to sponsor competing brands?

In some instances, brands will ask for exclusivity with your channel, meaning that you won’t be able to accept partnerships with any of their direct competitors for a certain period of time. If a brand requires exclusivity, we will make this condition clear when discussing the terms of the partnership with you.

Can you help me grow my audience?

Yes, we work closely the creators we represent to help them to optimize their content to ensure more views and more subscribers. Get in touch to learn more.