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Use our podcast CPM calculator to understand how to price a sponsorship placement on any podcast of your choosing.

How much to charge

Knowing a podcast's worth is an ongoing challenge

We help you remove the guesswork. Using our data platform (as well as years of experience working with both brands and podcasters) we have put together a podcast CPM calculator that considers the metrics that truly matter.
Podcasters can use our podcast calculator to calculate their income and revenue from each and every ad on their podcast. Brands can use this tool to calculate the probable cost of an ad with any podcast they are thinking of working with. Enter your details below and we will send you our advised ad rate for any podcast, direct to your email.

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How does it work?

Our podcast ad calculator works slightly differently

Unlike other calculators, we look at a wider range of metrics than can impact the ad rate of each podcast ad. We'll send you a rate based on the industry standard CPMs, and adjusted in line with these metrics.
You can see all of this data about any podcast (along with contact information) on our platform - sign up below to see how it works. And if you are not sure what podcast you want to work with, but want to make sure your find the best content and pricing to promote your brand, get in touch and we can help you find the most relevant shows to partner with.

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