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At ThoughtLeaders, we thrive in the world of influencer marketing, cultivating long-standing relationships with numerous creators. We offer tailored advertising plans to brands seeking to effectively engage with creators and amplify their reach.


Email marketing

Harness the power of email marketing to connect with creators. Our monthly newsletters and emails deliver the latest industry news and insights directly to their inboxes. Brands can seize the opportunity to advertise to creators by securing sponsorship placements in our newsletters, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Ad placements

Maximize your brand's exposure by advertising on our valuable tools and creator stats and analytics pages, accessible for free on our website. With high monthly impressions on these pages, your brand can effectively target and engage with creators in the most relevant and impactful way. Take advantage of this prime advertising space to amplify your reach and connect with the right creators for your campaigns.

Outreach backed-by-data

Streamline your creator outreach with our platform, which gathers and analyzes comprehensive stats and analytics of YouTubers and podcasters. Brands can leverage our platform to identify and directly reach out to the most suitable creators for their campaigns. By utilizing our platform's robust insights and data, you can make informed decisions and forge successful collaborations with creators who align with your brand's objectives.

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