Talent Representation

We represent top seasoned YouTube creators, ranging from fitness, food, pop culture, science, history to name a few. Let our expert team take your YouTube channel to the next level!

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Cherry-picking the best channels

Our talent management team are pros at scouring YouTube and picking out channels that are guaranteed to perform well for brand partners. We look beyond their subscriber count to focus on the details that matter: engagement, sponsorship track record and the quality of the content. We are interested in fostering long-term relationships, which is why we work with creators that take their craft seriously and treat their channel as a business.

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People, not products

Talent management is all about relationships. That's why we work closely with each creator we represent to make sure we have all the tools we need to help them succeed. Communicating with our creators, we learn who are the best brands for their content and audience and who are the brands they won't want to work with. With each deal, we negotiate on their behalf to get the best possible deal, protect their interests and make sure they get paid on time.

Working closely with brand partners

We work in collaboration with advertisers to find out what their brand is looking for from their influencer marketing campaign, so we can present a curated list of creators that fit the bill. We connect each brand with the creators that are excited to be promoting their products, and who fit seamlessly into the channel’s content. If we don’t have anyone in our current roster that fits your needs, we reach out to other creators in our marketplace to find the perfect content integration for your brand.