Corsair has the blueprint to YouTube gamer sponsorships

April 14, 2020
Elsie Bernaiche
Account Executive at ThoughtLeaders

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The Insight

Corsair is copying Twitch's sponsorship model on YouTube and is seeing great results. Just look at the similarities in their trend graphs:

Check out Corsair's page here to see their top YouTube sponsorships — you can see that their sweet spot is gamers. Since there are thousands of gamers to sift through on YouTube, I wanted to see how they found the best gamers that showcase their products.

Of the 989 YouTube channels that Twitch is being mentioned on over the past year, Corsair is also being talked about — quite a bit, with 4063 mentions by 77 of these YT influencers. In fact, 2212 of these videos mention BOTH Twitch and Corsair, showing the incredible amount of overlap.

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