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Shouts is our latest AI development that helps brands and agencies elevate their influencer marketing performance.
Get real time updates on all the best YouTubers, hot sponsorship opportunities and the content you care about.

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We offer two different types of notifications:

Activity Checks

Everything you need to know about the sponsorships you are currently running.

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Custom Recommendations

Real time alerts about the channels or brands that match what you are looking for, based on your filters.

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smart SPONSORSHIP campaign management

Activity Checks

Stop checking your ads. We’ll do that for you.
Get direct notifications when the sponsorship activity you need to track has taken place.

  • Instantly verify that an ad has gone live as scheduled, the link is above the fold and your brand is mentioned correctly.
  • Ensure non-compete clauses haven’t been breached by creators you work with.
  • Track that any view guarantees have been reached within the agreed time period
  • Custom brand safety checks to pick up on the exact phrases and keywords that are problematic for your brand
  • Use our renewal tracker to stay updated on channel growth for the creators you're collaborating with

No more searching for new channels

Custom Recommendations

We analyze sponsored content and know exactly where brands are sponsoring. If you are constantly searching for new emerging talents, why not let the data come to you.
Tell us the filters that you care about and we'll alert you as soon as a new channel matches your requirements.

  • Create a list of the brands you care about, and we can show you whenever they sponsor a new channel.
  • Identify organic mentions of relevant brands to find creators who are already talking about brands in your space.
  • Explore content topics and discover new trends.
  • Jump on channel growth - track subscribers, views, likes, and identify viral content.

What shouts are available

Shouts Templates

We offer two different types of notifications:

Benefits of working with Shouts?

elevate your influencer marketing
Shouts will help you track your active campaigns, and make sure you never miss a good sponsorship opportunity. More benefits include:
Improve campaign performance
Track your campaign and get notified when milestones are achieved.
save time
Stop wasting time scouring for the best creators to sponsor - set preferences and get notified directly about creators that fit your campaign.
Analyze your competitors
Keep a close eye on your competitors' marketing strategy to inform your campaign.
Rising stars
Discover new YouTubers who just got sponsored by other leading brands.
Ongoing evaluation of Partner channels
Optimize ROI by getting updates about creators you regularly work with and their performance in the campaign.
brand Tracking
Discover who mentioned your brand, how many times, and what content went viral.

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Let’s discuss your influencer marketing campaigns, decide what data you need to know, and let our team will set up the rest. There is no need for you to learn any new software - Shouts brings you the information you need, straight to the platforms you're already using.

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What our clients say

Here is what our clients think about our platform.

"It is a real pleasure to work with such a great product. I believe that Thoughtleaders is one of the best tools in the market for YouTube once you understand its full functionality."

Vladimir Petrov

Influencer marketing specialist , Zorka

"The fact that I can get notified directly and quite effortlessly about creators and brands that align with the filters I set saves me so much time and effort. I don't mean to be dramatic but the 'Rising Stars' channel is such a lifesaver and I have quite honestly come to depend on it."

Tom Alush

Account manager, Agency

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