Find Influencers

Shouts helps brands and agencies find new creators to sponsor that matches their requirements. Learn how it works and and how Shouts can help you manage your sponsorship campaigns.

Who needs the Find Influencers Shouts?

Brands and agencies who run sponsorship campaigns with influencers know that finding good creators is not an easy task. We developed Shouts to help brands tracking these creators by analyzing data in real time and pinpointing new channels that match the brand and agencies custom requirements.

How does it work?

Tell us the filters you care about and we’ll notify you about new channel that matches your requirements. Here are the most popular Shouts:

  • "Exceeded Expectations" - Get a Shout when a video exceeds projected view count expectations.
  • "One to Watch" - Get notified when a creator that fits your brand hits 1 million projected views.
  • "Rising Star" - Get a Shout when a creator you care about gets sponsored for the third time.

Why are these Shouts important?

Finding creators can be time consuming so let the data come to you. You don't want to miss rising influencers who are climbing the ranks of YouTube. Shouts can track these top creators and get you notified whenever a new creator that matches your criteria is found.

An example of Find Influencers Shout

How can I set this up?

Setting up Find Influencers Shouts is easy. We'll discuss your influencer marketing campaigns, decide what data you need to know, and our team will set up the rest. There is no need for you to learn any new software - Shouts brings you the information you need, straight to the platforms you're already using.

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