Non-Compete Safeguard

Shouts help brands ensure that non-compete clauses haven’t been breached. Learn how it works and how it can help you manage your sponsorship campaigns.

Who needs Non-Compete Safeguard?

When you run sponsorship campaigns with influencers, you want to make sure they aren't promoting a competing product. Shouts can check this for you by sending you a direct notification when a non-compete clause has been breached.

How does it work?

You are alerted when any of the channels you represent has featured two competing sponsorships in a particular time period. You just need to send us a list of the non-compete agreements that your clients have agreed to.

Why is Non-Compete Safeguard important?

If you run sponsorship campaigns with influencers, you want to make sure that you get the best results for your investment. When an influencer you sponsor is also promoting competitor products, you are at risk of not maximizing your ROI.

An example of Non-Compete Safeguard Shout

How can I set this up?

Setting up Non-Compete Safeguard Shouts is easy. We'll discuss your influencer marketing campaigns, decide what data you need to know, and our team will set up the rest. There is no need for you to learn any new software - Shouts brings you the information you need, straight to the platforms you're already using.

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