Custom Brand Safety Checks

Shouts help brands ensure that their ads are not featured in spaces that host inappropriate content. Learn how our Brand Safety Checks Shouts works and how it can help you manage your sponsorship campaigns.

Who needs Custom Brand Safety Checks?

It is important for brands to ensure that their advertisements are not appearing on channels that publish inappropriate content that might conflict with a company’s ideals, ethics, or mission statement. Shouts can do this for you by sending you a direct notification when your brand is mentioned on channels that publish inappropriate content .

How does it work?

You will get notified if a channel you represent references certain topics or keywords in the transcript of their video that might jeopardize the brand safety of their sponsors. You choose the topics your brand partners care about tracking, and we make sure you stay ahead of any nasty surprises.

Why is Custom Brand Safety Checks important?

Appearing on a channel that publishes inappropriate content might create negative associations towards your brand which can lead to a decline in brand sentiment and revenue.

An example of Custom Brand Safety Checks Shout

How can I set this up?

Setting up Custom Brand Safety Checks Shouts is easy. We'll discuss your influencer marketing campaigns, decide what data you need to know, and our team will set up the rest. There is no need for you to learn any new software - Shouts brings you the information you need, straight to the platforms you're already using.

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