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This apology is sponsored by... 😳

April 8, 2021
We look at the growing trend for apology videos on YouTube and whether sorry is a hard word after all.

When Home becomes a Sanctuary πŸ™Œ

April 1, 2021
The word that interiors brands can't get enough of, a deep-dive into trending newsletter content, and following Raycon's path to successΒ 

Does anyone care about the Grammys anymore? πŸ“€

March 18, 2021
Why was coverage of the Grammys so sparse this year? And what happens when you spend a week on Clubhouse trying to get noticed?

Who killed all the sourdough starters? πŸ”ͺ

March 11, 2021
We look at the rise and fall of a trend, and how the best brands are responding to International Women's Day

The madness of March πŸ“…

March 4, 2021
We look at a year of parenting in the pandemic, and celebrate Women's History Month with some female YouTubers we are loving right now.Β 

In it for the long run πŸ‘£

February 25, 2021
How can creators bring brands back to work with them again?

The news about newsletters πŸ“¨

February 18, 2021
A newsletter talking about newsletters? How very meta.

Let's play some games 🏈

February 11, 2021
One brand's journey to their Super Bowl spot and the gaming brands that can't get enough of YouTube

No new normal πŸ‘£

February 4, 2021
Looking back on last year with the benefit of hindsight to see what content changes have stuck with us for the long-haul.

Surrounded by Trends πŸ“ˆ

January 21, 2021
Our prediction on the top trends for this year, and an industry report on how DTC brands performed in Q4

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