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How has our partnership with Dulcedo helped to grow their business?

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Who is Dulcedo Group?

What began as a model agency has expanded far beyond influencer, sports, gaming and entertainment marketing. It has opened up a universe of new markets in both the sponsorship, advertising and marketing industries.
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According to Ben Goldberg...

Dulcedo Group had 3 main goals:

The first goal was to track undiscovered brands, with ThoughtLeaders' intelligence platform, Ben was able to uncover brands they didn't even know were sponsoring and learn about them from their first integration with channels in the space.
The second goal was to create a brand wishlist - Ben asked his creators for a wishlist of the brands they’d love to work with. Then he went straight to the ThoughtLeaders platform to contact them and close deals. “ThoughtLeaders even provides prospecting information for all of the brands they are tracking… which is basically everyone who is actively sponsoring”, shared Ben.
The third goal is to find related brands - Ben also uses the “Related Brands” of the platform to go into a rabbit hole of discovering new brands in the space, and adding these to his prospecting list.

The Thought Leaders take

Ohad Tenenboim, Customer Success Manager

"Dulcedo, one of the top agencies in their realm, is constantly seeking new partnerships and fresh talent. For them, there was a significant amount of manual research involved: Who are the brands sponsoring? Whom are they sponsoring? When? How much are they spending? Where can I find the "rising stars" of YouTube, knowing they provide a safe space for brands in advance? It was impossible for them to obtain this exact data in order to drive business growth. With our platform and my constant guidance, we were able to obtain an unprecedented amount of relevant brands and new talent, with accuracy and speed that are unmatched."


Mission accomplished on both sides!

According to Ben Goldberg, “Through the platform I discovered a fitness YouTuber who hadn’t previously done many sponsorships. After using the platform to vet them, I signed the channel and told the creator “I’m going to change your life”. A few months later into the partnership, I secured a number of lucrative long term deals for the channel and did exactly that.”



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