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Influencer Marketing
November 1, 2023
min read
Noam Yadin

Why should brands sponsor the best true crime YouTube channels?

In recent years, the true crime genre has witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity, captivating audiences with chilling mysteries, compelling narratives, and the intricate workings of real-life criminal cases. From infamous unsolved crimes to in-depth explorations of the justice system, true crime YouTube channels have become a digital haven for enthusiasts seeking to satisfy their curiosity.

As the interest in true crime content continues to grow, brands are becoming more and more eager to get in on the action and sponsor true crime YouTube channels. Sponsoring the best true crime YouTube channels not only allows brands to tap into this burgeoning interest but also provides a means to connect with a highly engaged and diverse audience. 

What are true crime YouTube channels?

True crime YouTube channels are creators that discuss real criminal cases. They investigate unsolved mysteries, analyze criminal justice procedures, and narrate true crime stories. 

Here are some key elements that characterize the best true crime YouTube channels:

  • Case exploration: True crime channels cover a wide range of topics within the realm of criminal cases, including cold cases, solved mysteries, notorious criminals, forensic investigations, and legal procedures. These channels aim to provide a comprehensive view of the cases they discuss.
  • Narrative storytelling: Creators often employ narrative storytelling techniques to engage their viewers. They bring the facts and events of the case to life, creating a gripping and immersive experience for their audience.
  • Research and expertise: True crime content is typically well-researched and relies on credible sources, such as court records, police reports, interviews with experts, and witness testimonies. Creators may consult experts in fields like criminology, forensic science, or law enforcement to ensure the accuracy of their content.
  • Visual elements: Unlike on true crime podcasts, Many true crime channels incorporate visuals, such as crime scene photos, maps, and archival footage, to enhance the storytelling and help viewers better understand the details of the cases.
  • Engaged community: True crime enthusiasts are known for their active and passionate online communities. Viewers often discuss, analyze, and speculate on cases in the comments section, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared interest.
  • Subgenres: Within the true crime genre, there are various subgenres, such as missing persons cases, serial killers, white-collar crime, and unsolved mysteries. This diversity allows viewers to explore different aspects of the criminal world.
  • Documentary style: Some true crime channels adopt a documentary-style format, presenting cases in a thorough and investigative manner. This approach appeals to viewers seeking a more in-depth understanding of the cases.
  • Advocacy and awareness: In addition to entertainment, some true crime creators use their platforms to raise awareness about unsolved cases or injustices within the criminal justice system. They may advocate for victims' rights and spotlight issues that require attention.

Why should brands sponsor true crime YouTube channels?

Just look at the stats - True crime fans spend an average of 3.8 hours per week consuming true crime content. Although 62% of those who enjoy true crime content turn to Netflix, Gen-Z is most likely to enjoy true crime content on YouTube (60%) and they spend on average of 4.6 hours consuming true crime each week. 

Here’s why brands should consider sponsoring the best true crime YouTube channels:

  • Engaged and diverse audience: True crime channels often boast millions of dedicated subscribers and viewers who come from various demographic backgrounds. Sponsoring these channels allows brands to reach a broad and highly engaged audience.
  • Content relevance: Many true crime enthusiasts are interested in related products or services, such as crime-solving games, security products, or even books and documentaries. Sponsoring these channels can help brands connect with an audience already primed for their offerings.
  • Authenticity and trust: True crime creators often build trust with their audience through in-depth research and a commitment to accuracy. By associating with these channels, brands can benefit from the trust and authenticity the creators have established.
  • High viewer retention: True crime content tends to keep viewers engaged for longer periods. Sponsoring such content allows brands to capture the attention of the audience for extended durations, increasing the chances of brand recall.
  • Trending and evergreen: True crime is a genre that remains popular over time and is constantly evolving. Sponsoring these channels allows brands to tap into a content niche with long-lasting appeal.

Top brands already sponsoring the best true crime YouTube channels

1. Casetify

Casetify is a big fan of true crime on YouTube! The brand that designs and produces user-customized phone cases and electronic accessories has sponsored over 10 true crime YouTube channels, accumulating over 200M views. According to our reports, one of their most successful partnerships has been with Eleanor Neale (2.6M subscribers), a true crime enthusiast. 

In April 2023, Casetify sponsored Eleanor Neale’s video The Twisted Mind of Casey Anthony and it garnered over 2M views. The ad-read takes place at the beginning of the video, right before Eleanor Neale gets into the nitty gritty details. This is ideal for true crime YouTube partnerships because viewers are exposed to the brand when they are the most attentive (they are eager to get the backstory of the latest true crime story) and it doesn’t interfere with the content of the video (like in the middle when things are getting juicy). 

2. HelloFresh

Who has time to think about what to make for dinner when you have to keep up with the latest true crime stories? HelloFresh is one of the top sponsors of true crime YouTube channels, partnering with over 20 true crime creators and garnering over 204M views - that is a lot of exposure. One of their most successful partnerships has been with Bailey Sarian (7.1M subscribers) - an uber-successful YouTuber who uncovers some of the spookiest true crime stories while doing her makeup. Since 2019, HelloFresh has sponsored Bailey Sarian’s channel 52 times, accumulating 107M views. 

Here’s a look at one of HelloFresh’s and Bailey Sarian’s most successful YouTube sponsorships: 

3. Best Fiends

Sometimes you need a little fun and games to break the tension of an especially thrilling true crime episode, and that’s where Best Fiends comes in. Best Fiends has always understood the potential that influencer marketing has, and so it comes as no surprise that they are one of the top sponsors in one of the most popular YouTube niches. Over the last few years, Best Fiends has sponsored over 12 true crime YouTube channels, racking up over 40M views. Although they’ve slowed down their YouTube sponsorships, they still had some uber-successful partnerships such as with Bailey Sarian, Criminally Listed, and Eleanor Neale.

Interestingly, Criminally Listed’s Best Fiends ad-read takes place a few minutes into the YouTube video. So, the viewer is definitely attentive and eager to keep watching - which is ideal for both the YouTuber and the brand. 

Here’s an example:

4. NordVPN

Collaborations between VPN brands and content creators is a very logical partnership, since who better to explain the importance of cyber security, if not content creators? And, after watching a true crime story that takes place on the world wide web, you’ll want to keep your computer secured. Since 2018, NordVPN has sponsored over 14 true crime YouTube channels, accumulating over 100M views. Their most successful partnership thus far has been with MrBallen, specifically the video Top 3 SCARIEST internet booby traps (8.7M views). 

Throughout this video, MrBallen reminds his viewers that “there are horrible people on the internet that will take advantage of you if you’re not careful.” - its pretty clear to see why this was such a successful partnership for NordVPN. Right off the bat, MrBallen introduces NordVPN in a seamless manner while also sharing his personal experience with VPN services. He also reels it back to the topic at hand - “There’s virtually no risk besides you not using the VPN and getting taken advantage of. So if you want to protect yourself from some of the creeps I’ll be talking about in today’s video, click the link in the my description.”

5. BetterHelp

BetterHelp is a popular sponsor among numerous platforms and niches, and it’s no different for true crime YouTube channels. The online mental health service has sponsored a number of different true crime YouTube channels, including Murder With My Husband, MrBallen, Law&Crime Network, and True Crime Daily. Interestingly, BetterHelp has partnered with the former, Murder With My Husband, 29 times - racking up over 4M views from this sponsorship alone. 

In their most recent YouTube sponsorship, Murder With My Husband feature their BetterHelp ad-read right at the beginning of their video. Although the ad-read doesn’t correlate with the main topic of the video, it definitely sets the mood and makes the viewer feel like their mental health comes before everything - even true crime stories. 

With the popularity of the true crime genre continuing to increase, it only makes sense for brands to get on board by sponsoring true crime YouTube channels. If you are a brand interested in tapping into true crime YouTube channels, we can help you cherry-pick the best channels. If you are a true crime YouTuber interested in scaling your sponsorships, let us help you match with relevant brands

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