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August 13, 2021

Raycon’s Top 5 YouTube Channels

Raycon's Successful Sponsorship Strategy

Why is Raycon sponsoring everywhere on YouTube? Raycon is a perfect case study for marketers who want to learn how to harness the power of savvy content partnerships to make a splash for their brand. 

Raycon's YouTube Strategy
Raycon’s YouTube strategy over the past 12 months

You can read a full breakdown of Raycon’s strategy here. Raycon has appeared on 663 YouTube channels to date. Here, we take a look at some of their most successful channels, and see why these creators proved so successful for this brand.  

1. The Q  

How To & Crafts 

11M subscribers

2M avg. views

16.4% audience loyalty

Creator country: United States

The channel that has brought in the most views for Raycon is The Q, a science channel that began in January 2017 and now boasts 11M subscribers. They generated 45.7 million views for Raycon across 6 integrations in 2020. 32 million of those views came from the video “How to Win Any Race on PS4” which was Raycon’s best performing sponsored video and ties in nicely with the gaming vertical that is a key target for the brand. 

2. ThatsGoodSports  


215K subscribers 

40K avg. views 

18.8% audience loyalty 

Creator country: United States

In terms of the channel with the most number of mentions for Raycon, ThatsGoodSports comes in first. This channel is all about NFL news, with “game predictions, football recaps, and a dedication to hating Tom Brady”.  Raycon has sponsored 29 videos on this channel, in a partnership that started in October 2019. Sports is not a particularly strong category for Raycon - they’ve only appeared on 47 other channels in this category, but ThatsGoodSports appears to be working well for them. This collaboration has generated 1,388,591 views for the brand, with average views of 47,882 per video.

3. Dixie D'Amelio


7M subscribers

3M avg. views

46.4% audience loyalty

Creator country: United States

Talk about knocking it out of the park on your first try! TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio has run one single integration for Raycon, and it has 19 million views and 1 million likes. Dixie released her YouTube video  Be Happy on July 1 2020 (which has racked up 90 million views). Two weeks later, on 15 July, the star had her friends and family watch and react to the video in the Raycon sponsored “My Family and Friends React to my Be Happy Music Video”, building on the hype from her video release and making this her most successful YouTube brand integration to date. 

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4. Donut Media  


4M subscribers

1M avg. views

23.7% audience loyalty

Creator country: United States

Donut Media is all about car culture with everything from motor sports to car pranks. We see that Raycon first ran 2 integrations with the channel last year when they were in their testing phase. The brand then began booking in videos on roughly a monthly cadence from November 2019, increasing this to twice a month in August 2020. The best performing video of this integration is “VW Just Killed Formula 1”, released on Feb 17, 2020, which has attracted 3 million views. 

5. Andymation


4M subscribers

1M avg. views

26.7% audience loyalty

Creator country: United States

Raycon’s second highest view count comes from a Black Friday promotion from Andymation in 2019. The compilation “My Best Flipbooks” now has 25 million views. However, we’re guessing that these views didn’t translate to sales for Raycon, since the brand hasn’t run another integration with this channel since November last year, which is why this creator doesn’t appear higher in these rankings.  Andymation’s channel is all about stop-motion animation and incredible flipbooks, so fans may have felt that the Raycon sponsorship wasn’t in keeping with the channel’s style or content.

These top five show us some of the creators that have hit it out of the park for Raycon and helped to establish their impressive brand presence on YouTube. For a full breakdown of their strategy, check out their brand page here

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