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Brands To Watch
February 8, 2023
min read
Jennifer Nepomuceno

Is Athletic Greens on the right track?

Athletic Greens is a powder food supplements product that claims to be comprehensively packed with organic “superfoods”, producing health benefits. Athletic Greens has created the most nutrient dense, gut-health-improving, great-tasting whole food supplement available. The company was founded 7 years ago and supports offices across North America, Australia, South America, Europe and Asia.

Their jumpstart into the industry was actually through sponsorship relationships: many people know of this brand because Athletic Greens has been recommended by health and wellness experts such as Tim Ferris, Michael Gervais, Jason Ferruggia and many more (as we will take a look at below!). 

Breakdown of formats

Youtube: 140 mentions from 30 ThoughtLeaders

Podcast: 526 mentions from 42 ThoughtLeaders

Newsletter: 33 mentions from 7 ThoughtLeaders

Blog: 12 mentions from 2 ThoughtLeaders

The above insights were taken from our influencer marketing platform, you can learn more about our platform plans and features here.

Back in 2014, Athletic Greens was first mentioned on the Chad Howse YouTube Channel under the General Knowledge category, and then the following year in StrongandFlexTV under Health & Fitness. During their first mentions on the Youtube channels, there was no promotion or discount offered but just solid promotion from health buff enthusiast Youtubers.

Athletic Greens is getting the most mentions from podcasts and it looks like they have a fairly solid relationship with these podcasters - they’ve been present for almost a year to as long as 5 years on their top podcast partnerships, especially with endorser Tim Ferris

Recent activity shows that they’re also featured in newsletters as well. This is a good move to try and test out the waters in newsletters to see if it will pan out as good as podcast results. 

What they are offering?

On the podcast Hurdle and Finding Mastery, they’re promoting  20 free travel packs ($79 value) with a first purchase to audience members, and on their Axios Edge Newsletter sponsorship they’ve got this enticing travel pack promo:

Athletic Greens’ competitor is obviously Four Sigmatic. Four Sigmatic is also in the healthy drink arena and showing a strong pull with 228 Thoughtleaders and 3,000 mentions where Athletic Greens is coming up with less than 1,000. This is understandable since Four Sigmatic has been in the game longer than Athletic Greens. 

Four Sigmatic

Athletic Greens and Four Sigmatic both appear on Hurdle podcast and also on The Tim Ferriss Show, so it means there’s no exclusivity between the two brands.

At first it seems like both brands are sponsoring the same type of content. YouTube and podcast categories are often way too general for us to truly understand what is engaging the audience to drive traffic to Athletic Green’s website versus Four Sigmatic. When we take a look at the specific discussions happening within the content sponsored by Athletic Greens, we immediately notice they’re discussing sports and health related topics more than Four Sigmatic. Athletic Greens’ sponsored content mentions keywords like “health” and “athlete” in 37% of their content, compared to Four Sigmatic at only 23% (and keep in mind, Four Sigmatic has almost 3x the sponsorship relationships as Athletic Greens currently!). On the flip side, Four Sigmatic has clearly defined themselves as a nutrition brand, heavily targeting keywords like “vegan”, “wellness”, and “healthy”: Four Sigmatic focuses on topics of food and diet in 32% of their sponsorships whereas Athletic Greens is only showing 16%. Athletic Greens is evolving their brand messaging and it will be interesting to see if they remain focused on sports and fitness versus nutrition and wellness moving forward. 

Four Sigmatic is doing more Youtube as compared to Athletic Greens because Four Sigmatic has found a stable relationship on Youtube such as with Dr Dray going on for 1 year already. It seems like Athletic Greens has not found a suitable partner yet on Youtube Channels. 

Four Sigmatic has a fair amount of exposure on podcasts and Youtube and is also striving to make its presence on newsletters flashing their 20% off promotion that did well on podcasts and Youtube.


Going healthy is the trend nowadays and Athletic Greens is on the right track when it comes to getting the right type of endorsements such as with Tim Ferris who is active on Youtube and podcasts. To get better traction on their online presence they might want to try better categorization. They’re currently under lifestyle and sports and would probably do much better if they also dipped into the food category. Athletic Greens products are deemed to be on the high end with regards to price and they’d get better results if their promotions are targeted for first time buyers. It worked for Four Sigmatic pulling in first time customers.

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