Daniel Conn
CRO @ ThoughtLeaders
December 30, 2020

Honey is a browser extension which automatically searches for and applies coupons when you shop online.

Entrepreneurs Ryan Hudson and George Ruan founded Honey in November 2012. 

The company got an early introduction to the benefits of digital marketing when a tester leaked the tool to Reddit, where it went viral.

By March 2014, the company was nearing 1 million users

By January 2018, Honey raised a total of $40.8 million in venture backing.

Honey coupon codes trend in sponsorships
The growth of mentions of coupon codes, predominantly on YouTube

Around the same time, Honey began investing heavily in Podcasts and Youtube, a strategy that really took off for the company in 2019.

Over the past 2 years, they have appeared on 100+ podcasts and over 400 YouTube channels whilst their strongest content categories are Gaming, Lifestyle and Entertainment.

Honey's sponsorship strategy
Honey exploded in sponsored content in 2019, 7 years after founding.

Honey on YouTube

Their best performing sponsored video was with PewDiePie in September 2019, which attracted 59 million views.

In 2020, Honey launched a web series called "Honey Originals", interviewing some of the major YouTube stars they had sponsored in the past, and solidifying their YouTube presence.