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August 13, 2021

A meta dive into the Hustle for our new Hustle readers

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This week we had the great opportunity to partner with our long term friends The Hustle to welcome their readers to sign up for our soon to be released trend report. With The Hustle starting their new life as a Hubspot publication this was one of the last opportunities to work with them as an outside brand so we were super excited to be involved.

Of course, The Hustle being the phenomenally convincing Hustle meant that hundreds of their readers (you, welcome!) are now our readers, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to show you some cool data about what The Hustle has been talking about these past couple of years and maybe show off some of our toys a little as well.

How much data we looking at:

Were tracking 898 editions of The Hustle from Aug 2 2017 up to Mar 29, 2021

The Hustle newsletter content data

What have they been covering?

The Hustle has become known as a major source of company funding updates. We all love hearing about which prospective unicorn just got bags of cash to burn. Here we’ve tracked how often The Hustle has talked about rounds of investment, looking for references to Series A, Series B, angel investment, VC funding, Series C, Series D, Series E and seed round. We found a total of 128 newsletter sends featuring these keywords.

Content inside The Hustle newsletter

Maybe that's why SeedInvest worked with The Hustle 44 times!


The Hustle was also a source of sage advice for business best practices. Here we see they have talked about CRM or inbound marketing in 40 separate newsletter sends.

No wonder Hubspot bought them and in doing so they completely did a number on their CRM rivals by taking an amazing advertising resource away from them.

CRM brands sponsoring The Hustle newsletter

The Hustle was pretty quick on the whole Covid situation talking about it first on Feb 3rd. We can see here how it became the hottest topic in the world and then just a part of daily life by the summer of 2020:

Covid content in The Hustle newsletter

The Hustle is a famous brand in its own right!

Just to finish off this meta dive in the meta-est way possible. There have been 65 publications (including The Hustle) that have talked about, or referenced to the Hustle. Pretty cool for a newsletter!

Newsletters mentioned in The Hustle

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