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Published on 
December 10, 2021

How does Skillshare show off its skills? 

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Skillshare is an online learning community in which creative and curious individuals can expand their educational horizons across various disciplines and topics of interest. Skillshare’s intuitive ed-tech platform offers inspiring courses in areas such as illustration, design, photography, video and freelancing to name just a handful. 

Skillshare is based in New York City and was founded in 2010 by tech entrepreneurs Malcolm Ong and Michael Karnjanaprakorn. Since its inception, Skillshare has reached an impressive $116.8M in total funding, with no intentions of slowing down.  

With Skillshare at the helm, we are noticing a surge of ed-tech, online learning solutions being promoted across digital marketing formats. This shift in market trends became particularly apparent during the outbreak and aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which encouraged and highlighted the importance of online learning.

Increase in ed-tech and online learning content since the start of the pandemic, predominantly on YouTube.

Skillshare has been continuing on their successful trajectory, without allowing the complications of 2020 to set boundaries to their growth. 

In fact, Skillshare has increased their sponsorships over the past year, featuring on over 1000 YouTube channels and 147 podcasts. A key factor to their success is arguably moving away from traditional online learning channels and primarily focusing on lifestyle and technology content categories. 

Skillshare’s sponsored content began to skyrocket leading up to the pandemic with a heavy emphasis on YouTube, remaining constant to industry trends.

Focusing on their most recent sponsorship strategies over the past 3 months, we can see that Skillshare has not adjusted their approach too dramatically. Why fix what ain't broke? 

The company continues to focus their ad spend primarily on YouTube sponsorships. This is a strategy that’s clearly working, considering their most recent sponsorship with The Game Theorists has already hit 5M+ views! 

With a growing focus on virtual learning, how does Skillshare not only remain relevant but consistently lead their industry? 

According to ReferralCandy Blog, “Skillshare noticed that even when it comes to learning skills, some skills are often more in demand than others. Skillshare thus created their website to fit this purpose. By featuring trending classes in the community on their homepage, it directly captures the attention of people and nudges them to try learning out a new skill. By letting the community decide which are the best courses that deserve to be spotlighted, it not only keeps Skillshare in trend, it also gives an incentive for people to create relevant lessons that people care about in order to get featured.”

Skillshare’s strategy has succeeded in both increasing their brand awareness and converting on more impressions. Skillshare is on the radar of any company looking to make an impact in the digital marketing ad space and should continue to be an excellent guide brand on successful sponsorship strategy.  

Learn more about Skillshare

Interested in learning more about Skillshare? These articles will give you a deeper dive into the company: 

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Check out these brands with a similar sponsorship strategy to Skillshare to see how they compare: 

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NordVPN - a virtual private network service provider. It has desktop applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux, mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as an application for Android TV

These brands are using similar marketing tactics or are appearing in similar content, both organically and sponsored.

Next steps

Are you a creator interested in working with Skillshare and other similar brands? Get in touch to discuss how ThoughtLeaders can help you with brand sponsorships. 

Are you a brand interested in learning more about Skillshare’s strategy and what you can learn from this for your own sponsorship initiatives? Click here to learn how to get more from this data. 

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