Daniel Conn
CRO @ ThoughtLeaders
January 14, 2021

ScentBird is a fragrance subscription box that sends samples of perfume each month, allowing users to try them before buying the full sized product. Their $14.95/ month subscription box comes with a 30-day supply of a scent of your choosing. 

fragrance and perfume content trend
There is a massive increase in content mentioning both fragrance and perfume

Founded in 2014, their rise to success began slowly, getting $40,000 in funding after 10 months of operation. 

As business picked up, Scentbox as able to increase their funding, ending Series A with approximately $18.6 of funding from multiple investors.

ScentBird's Influencer Marketing Strategy

ScentBird started sponsoring in 2015, and focuses primarily on YouTube and podcasts. 

Some of the channels they’ve appeared on the most both sponsored and through affiliate are Yari G, Gypse Wife Life and Samantha Schuerman.

ScentBird’s main competitor is ScentBox, which pales in comparison when it comes to their marketing efforts. Scentbird is swimming in a relatively blue ocean, and have been making the most of their lack of competition.  

Scentbird sponsorship strategy
Scentbird’s activities have declined in 2020 

Although ScentBird’s sponsorship efforts have waned in 2020, that do continue to target lifestyle content, as it is a strategy that has clearly delivered success in the past.

Perhaps they are not aware of the massive boom in content addressing their core product area.