Sponsorship Intelligence

Power your sponsorship strategy with data

Digital sponsorships are the future of marketing, and have evolved into their own stand-alone industry. We have the data you need to super-power your strategy.

ROI-driven solutions

Your marketing shouldn't rely on a digital popularity contest. Sponsorship intelligence helps you to make smart decisions. Our data shows you the brands, the content, and the ever-growing network of relationships to take your strategy to the next level.

The data you need

Build your content strategy

Build your content strategy

Learn from content trends across the industry, with data on views, likes, and repetition rates

Keep an eye on your competitors

Keep an eye on your competitors

See what brands or content creators your competition are working with

Power your negotiations with data

Power your negotiations with data

Understand the branded content market in detail to get the deals you deserve

Sponsorship Intelligence is the smarter approach to influencer marketing, with trusted data all based on actual brand partnerships

See the bigger picture with our platform's proven methodology for evaluating channels and brands

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