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Industry Trends
March 29, 2024
min read
Aviva Matan

What is Gen Zalpha?

What is Gen Zalpha: The Power Playing Generation of Tomorrow?

Move over Millenials, Gen Zalpha is here!

The world of marketing is constantly changing. As the torch passes from Millennials to Gen Z and now to the fusion of Gen Z and Alpha, known as Gen Zalpha, marketers are faced with a new set of challenges and opportunities, particularly regarding the power of influencer marketing. 

What is Gen Zalpha?

Gen Zalpha represents the bridge between Generation Z and Generation Alpha, encompassing those born after 1996. They embody characteristics and experiences from both generations, making them a unique cohort in terms of their digital fluency and diverse perspectives. Gen Zalpha are the true digital natives, having grown up in a world where smartphones, social media, and digital devices have been all around them since birth. 

What are some key aspects of Gen Zalpha?

They are socially aware:  Their values reflect a blend of Generation Z’s emphasis on social consciousness, diversity, and inclusivity, coupled with Generation Alpha’s exposure to increasingly tech-driven solutions and connectivity. Gen Zalpha cares about sustainability and social responsibility and they want their brands to reflect these values as well.

They are big gamers: According to a report published by Newzoo, 88% of Gen Z and 92% of Gen Alpha play some type of online game.

They are super tech-savvy: If Gen Z are tech natives, Gen Zalpha is the next step. They were raised in an environment deeply intertwined with tech. For them, things like smartphones, social media, and digital devices have been a staple in their lives since the beginning. This total immersion means they are incredibly digitally literate and adaptable.

They use Social Media to search for information, instead of Google: Numerous recent trend reports have shown that Gen Z and Gen Zalpha are using TikTok instead of Google to search out questions. 

In January, youth branding company Pion conducted research into this new generation. With data from 2,000 Zalphas in the UK and the US, here were some of their top findings:

PION's research into the key traits of Gen Zalpha

Why should Brands and Marketers care about Gen Zalpha?

Gen Zalpha maintains massive spending power. They maintain influence not just on their purchases, but their parents and household as well. Brands need to pay attention to this demographic now, as their habits and preferences influence purchasing decisions not just in the future, but also in the present. Moreover, Gen Zalpha's total immersion in social media makes them a prime target for influencer marketing campaigns. They seek authenticity, social responsibility, and personalized experiences from brands, making influencer collaborations an effective way to connect with them on a deeper level.

How have brands successfully targeted Gen Zalpha?

One notable example is Claire's, the teen jewelry and accessory retailer, which has launched campaigns like "The Collab" to reach Gen Zalpha. The Collab has included content creators ranging from seven-year-olds to those in their early 20s. These collaborations have gone beyond endorsements, with creators having a say in Claire's broader marketing campaigns, creating a sense of empowerment and connection with young audiences. 

Another example of a successful Gen Zalpha campaign is Tom, a life insurance company for dads, that is targeting new dads and a younger demographic through social media. They have used celebrity influencers to endorse and promote an insurance product, something fairly new to influencer marketing.

Additionally, brands like Nerf and Too Faced have tapped into the power of digitally native creators to run their TikTok channels and serve as creative directors. This trend highlights the increasing influence of younger creators in shaping brand strategies to reach Gen Zalpha consumers.

Moreover, brands are venturing into virtual spaces like Roblox to engage with Gen Zalpha. 

Through immersive experiences and avatar customization, brands like Chipotle, Gucci, and Claire's are meeting young consumers where they spend their time. For more details on this trend, you can read our full article here

What's next?

Gen Zalpha represents a major force in the marketing landscape, driven by their digital fluency, diverse perspectives, and significant spending power. Brands that understand and align with the values and preferences of Gen Zalpha stand to thrive in this new landscape.

By leveraging influencer marketing, embracing authenticity, and exploring new platforms like Roblox, brands can make deeper connections with Gen Zalpha. As the architects of future innovations and trends, Gen Zalpha are not just consumers but change makers, shaping the future of marketing as we know it. 

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