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Industry Trends
March 27, 2024
min read
Aviva Matan

The Rise of the Roblox Creator Economy

Why are brands talking about Roblox?

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a virtual universe where millions of users create, play, and share experiences. Users can design their own games, avatars, and virtual worlds. Released in 2006, the game now boasts over 66 million daily active users from 180 countries and has evolved into a global phenomenon. Roblox straddles the worlds of gaming and social networking.

What was Paris Hilton’s “Slivingland” Experience on Roblox?

Paris Hilton’s newest Roblox experience, “Slivingland,” was visited by over 3.2 million users between its launch in August 2023 and February 2024. According to a report by the think tank Geeiq, this level of exposure was equivalent to a $60 million traditional advertising campaign. Slivingland was an immersive fan hub where users could engage with Hilton’s content, including new music, podcasts, TV shows, and films. The experience reportedly sold “nearly half a million” emotes on the platform during a two-month period at the end of 2023. 

How Is Roblox becoming an influencer marketplace?

With its massive user base and immersive experiences, Roblox offers brands a new way to engage with audiences in the metaverse. Roblox's recent initiatives, such as the $35 million fund for creators and the Creator Fund, show its desire to woo creative talent beyond traditional gaming. This means that a diverse array of creators, including digital artists, developers, and designers, have flocked to join Roblox's unique ecosystem.

Which brands have successfully integrated with Roblox?

The platform's maturation has led to a surge in brand integrations and influencer collaborations, called “activations''.  Adidas, Walmart, and Rihianna's Fenty Beauty were just a few of the top brands that launched successful activations on Roblox last year. These collabs went down well with Roblox's predominantly Gen Z audience.

Future Commerce offers a great list of some top brand activations on Roblox over the last few years which you can check out here.

An excerpt from the 2023 list of top brand activations on Roblox (Future Commerce).

What’s the deal with fashion brands and Roblox?

Roblox has found particular resonance with fashion brands as they have focused on Gen Z's passion for recognizable brands and limited-edition items.  A study of Gen Z and the metaverse done by Roblox found that over 50% of those surveyed said: “styling their avatar is more important to them than styling themselves in the physical world”. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, and Nike have capitalized on this trend by offering virtual versions of their products and unique in-game experiences. 

Our take:

Roblox has massive reach and influence. A number of savvy brands have already jumped on the metaverse bandwagon, but there is still so much potential for what is possible. And it seems that the more creative and out of the box, the better. In 2023, Gucci Ancora launched a limited edition ice cream cone that users went wild for. You read that right: GUCCI LAUNCHED A DIGITAL ICE CREAM CONE IN THE METAVERSE. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Industry experts agree the next stage of marketing on the evolving platform is sponsored content and its own version of influencer partnerships and “activations”. So anyone looking to get in while this new trend is still emerging, now is the time. Possibilities for creators are endless when it comes to the metaverse.

So get that avatar dressed in some sparkly Paris Hilton heels, grab your Gucci ice cream cone, and let’s do this!

Additional Insights:

Looking for more insights into brands on Roblox? The Daily Grit hosted a panel about what brands are doing on Roblox during the recent SXSW festival, which you can watch below.

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