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Influencer Marketing
April 11, 2024
min read
Tom Alush

What are the key YouTube influencer metrics for brand sponsorships?

We've collaborated with numerous brands and countless creators, facilitating thousands of successful brand-creator partnerships. Through our work, we have pinpointed four key metrics to consider first when assessing a channel for a potential brand sponsorship. These metrics not only show the performance and potential of a creator but can also help brands and marketers build a strategy for implementing partnerships that can resonate with audiences and drive results.

Sponsor Renewal Rate 

This metric looks at the percentage of brands choosing to continue partnerships with an influencer after an initial collaboration. It shows the success of the partnership, with a high rate indicating brand satisfaction and achievement of campaign goals, such as increased brand awareness or engagement. On the flip-side, a low rate may signal issues like poor performance metrics or brand fit. Keeping an eye on renewal rates helps both the influencers and the brands figure out how well they're working together and what they can do better.

Engagement Growth Over Time 

This looks at the changing level of audience interaction with the creator’s content over a period of time. This metric measures trends in likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates, providing insights into the effectiveness of the influencer's content strategy and audience engagement. Positive growth shows that the content resonates with audiences, thereby increasing the potential for brand impact. Declining growth could signal that creators may need to adjust their strategy to keep up interest. Our account executives like to break down engagement month per month, assessing the development of a creator’s engagement numbers over a six-month period.

Evergreen Score 

This is a score between 0 and infinity and shows if the channel has content that delivers views well after the publish date. This metric is used to assess the longevity of a particular piece of content or channel. It evaluates how well a piece of content continues to attract engagement and remain valuable to audiences over time. A high Evergreen Score suggests that the content remains relevant to audiences because it continues to garner views. A low score indicates that the content's relevance lacks longevity. This score is super important for content creators and marketers because it helps them plan content that stays valuable and keeps people engaged for the long haul. You can read more about the power of the Evergreen Score here

Fulfillment rate

This number indicates the proportion of sponsored content within a channel. When our account executives talk to different brands, they find that some prefer working with channels that are picky about their sponsors and don't constantly promote products to their audience. However, other brands like working with creators who frequently promote products, have a lot of experience with sponsorships, and aren't as selective about their brand partnerships.

The second type of creator can be especially attractive to brands. Collaborating with creators who have a history of sponsorships shows that they know how to handle the sponsorship process well, like getting drafts approved and placing links prominently. Most importantly, their audience is okay with seeing their favorite creator make money from their content, in addition to AdSense revenue.

Key metrics from the ThoughtLeaders Intelligence Platform.

Other Commonly Used Influencer Metrics:

You don’t have to stop there. There are numerous other metrics to consider when assessing a creator for a potential sponsorship. Influencer metrics for brand sponsorships can vary depending on the specific goals of the brand and the campaign, but some commonly used metrics include:


This refers to the total number of subscribers or followers an influencer has across their YouTube channel and other social media platforms. It gives an indication of the potential audience size that the brand's message can reach.

Audience Demographics

Understanding the demographics of the influencer's audience is crucial for brands to ensure their message reaches the right target market. Demographic data such as age, gender, location, interests, and purchasing behaviors can help brands determine if the influencer's audience aligns with their target audience.

Content Relevance

Brands need to assess how relevant the influencer's content is to their product or service. Choosing influencers whose content naturally aligns with the brand's message increases the likelihood of resonating with the audience and driving meaningful results.

Content Quality

The quality of the influencer's content, including production value, storytelling ability, and overall aesthetic, can majorly impact how the brand is perceived by the audience. Brands should evaluate whether the influencer's content meets their standards and aligns with their brand image.

ROI (Return on Investment)

Ultimately, brands want to measure the effectiveness of their influencer marketing campaigns in terms of ROI. This could include tracking metrics such as sales, website traffic, brand mentions, or brand sentiment to determine the impact of the campaign on their bottom line.

By analyzing key metrics, brands can make informed decisions about which influencers to partner with and evaluate the success of their influencer marketing campaigns. 

Wondering which tools have the best influencer analytics out there?

There are an array of YouTube analytics tools to choose from and it can get quite overwhelming to pick which one to use. So, we curated a list of top analytics tools that you can check out here

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