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Industry Trends
February 27, 2023
min read
Flora Katz Andrade

Top 5 travel vloggers on YouTube

Do you ever stop to think - “I wish I could just drop everything and travel the world”? To an ever growing number of people, that dream has become a reality and they choose to turn to YouTube to publicly document their globetrotting adventures. That's one of the reasons that we all love watching the best travel vloggers on YouTube. For anyone sitting at their desk with wanderlust, travel vloggers help to satisfy that travel adventure itch we don't always have the time or money to scratch.

Traveling has always been a “trendy” topic, but the first travel “vloggers” to share their explorations with the internet was to The Planet D in 2006. This Canadian couple uploaded the first ever travel vlog to YouTube over 14 years ago, titled Things to do in Peru - South America Travel Vlog . Throughout the years, more travel-enthusiasts joined them, from couples to families, to solo men and women. From varying generations and life cycles, these vloggers offer their best tips and tricks, budget hacks, and beautifully shot scenes of the most exotic locations all over the globe.

travel vlog creators 2009
 Increase in number of thought leaders creating videos relating to ‘travel vlog’, from 2009

Just as the number of creators making travel related content has grown over the years, so have the number of brands doing sponsorships on those channels. Interestingly, the brands that most sponsor travel related content are related to internet security and online courses. For instance, NordVPN has recently sponsored a video on Cruise With Ben and David, titled Things We Will NEVER Do Again on a Cruise. It’s important to note that with the restrictions on flying and tourism in general, brand sponsorships declined throughout the past year and a half, but are slowly increasing each day.

travel vlog brands 2010
Increase in number of brands sponsoring thought leaders related to “travel vlog”, from 2010

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world as we knew it has shifted greatly. Traveling has become a lot harder and restricted, and it seems like travellers have been more and more interested in finding locations off the beaten path - exotic places tucked away in nature, away from civilization and bigger cities. Take a look at some of the YouTubers who have helped us get a taste of some of these magical and exotic places, and who continuously entice our “wanderlust” with their mesmerizing content.

Kara and Nate - 2.33 million subscribers

This couple, originally from Nashville, Tennessee, left their home in 2016 with only two carry-on bags. By 2020, they had traveled to over 100 countries! They share weekly vlogs, showcasing both their best moments and the worst, all with a touch of humour that will surely warm your heart. Their most popular video, with over 8 million views, shows them staying overnight in a pod attached to the side of a remote mountain in Peru

Since first starting their channel five years ago, they have built strong relationships with brands with seamless integrations. Some of the brands that have been on their channel include Audible, Surfshark and SimpliSafe.

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Kara and Nate? Click here to learn more.

Drew Binsky - 2.61 million subscribers

If you are looking for a channel that will inspire you to travel to places you may not have even considered, look no further! Drew has been to 194 countries (and counting!), and in his channel he shares everything from hacks and advice, to food, culture, and most importantly, the amazing people he meets along the way. Some of his most viewed videos to date are He Is The Ice Man (Wim Hof) with over 19 million views and She’s the Queen of Henna Tattoos which has over 6 million views. Drew’s been sponsored by Skillshare and Surfshark.

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Drew Binsky? Click here to learn more.

Mark Wiens - 7.75 million subscribers

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys exploring the food culture in your travels, then Mark Wiens is the channel for you. Mark has traveled to almost every corner of the planet in search of the most delicious street foods, local traditional meals, and the best gastronomic experiences. From the jungles of Thailand, to the favelas in Rio, and from the fanciest sushi restaurants in Japan to the heartiest home cooked meals by villagers in West Africa, he will surely have something to tickle your tongue and get you hungry to travel. If your stomach isn’t gurgling yet, this video titled Mexican American Food! Original Chimichanga will do the trick. 

There are quite a few hungry YouTubers who explore the world through their stomachs, such as CupofTJ, Strictly Dumpling and LivingBobby

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Mark Wiens? Click here to learn more.

The Bucket List Family - 1.31 million subscribers

Who said you can’t travel the world as a family? The Bucket Family List will definitely get you itching to travel with your little ones. They sold everything they owned, and as a family of five, jet-setted on a nomadic lifestyle. Their vlogs offer a myriad of options of family-friendly programs to do with your kids, from swimming with dolphins, to surfing, to snowboarding, as well as super important tips on how to find the best accommodations and even how to fly comfortably with multiple toddlers.

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with The Bucket List Family? Click here to learn more.

Eva Zu Beck - 1.04 million subscribers

If you’re on a quest to find the most remote and unexplored places, away from all the masses of tourists and travelers, Eva Zu Beck is your YouTuber. Eva Zu Beck is a solo-female traveler who isn’t afraid to take risks, such as exploring some of the most isolated locations around the world. Her videos include her experiences traveling on a cargo boat, spending time with Bedouin tribes in the desert, horse trekking in Mongolia, and cycling across an entire country, all ALONE! 

Eva proves that women can, and should, try out a solo-adventure and her channel will certainly get you packing your bags and booking a spontaneous trip. 

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Eva Zu Beck? Click here to learn more.

In a time when traveling has become such a hassle, trips have been postponed indefinitely, and many of us find ourselves coming in and out of lockdowns, travel vloggers on YouTube provide us with a much needed break from reality. Through their heartwarming and honest testimonials and their cinematographic visual stories, we feast our eyes and ears on parts of the world we rarely get to see. Their content inspires us to keep on pushing through till we can get back to sitting on long-haul flights and eating unappetizing, yet dearly missed, airplane food.

If you are a brand interested in working with the best travel vloggers, get in touch and we can help you find the right creators and manage your YouTube campaign. 

If you are a creator who is interested in promoting your content and partnering with the right brands, get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss your needs. 

If you are simply interested in discovering further top travel YouTubers or other similar creators, let us know! 

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