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August 13, 2021

ThoughtLeaders’ VIP Program: The newest additions

We’re continuing to grow and add on new exciting creators to our program. 

The latest additions to our program are all part of some of the most popular verticals on YouTube. 

After True Crime has taken the world of podcast by storm, and it seems like every month there’s a new murder mystery documentary on Netflix, it’s not suprising to see this trend continue to grow on YouTube as well. 

If you’re as much of a fan as I am, these next channels are for you: 

Cold Case Detective ventures into the mysterious world of unsolved crimes and the most puzzling missing person cases in history. Each week, CCD provides its devoted audience with in-depth journalistic coverage of some of the most chilling stories around.

If you’re looking for something a bit darker, They Will Kill You, is definitely for you. 

Covering dark, mysterious stories from the dark corners of the web!

Providing fans with daily videos on hard to believe real stories from history, nature to day to day life stories gone wrong.

Staying in the realm of the bizarre and the unusual, Top5s covers the most interesting topics in the world from history and science to the world of paranormal & mysteries.

Check out one my recent favorites, 5 Disturbing Wikipedia Pages that Will Take You Down the Rabbit Hole for Hours… 

If true crime and the world of the paranormal isn’t your thing and you’re a history fan this is the channel for you. 

Yarnhub’s motto is “We love stories'' and it’s easy to see what they mean! Each week Yarnhub releases amazing animations depicting the most famous war stories in history as well as forgotten tales that are brought to life. 

Despite being fairly new to YouTube and entering the crowded and popular world of history channels, Yarnhub has been growing in rapid speed, with 362,000 subscribers as well as 317,000 average views (90% audience loyalty). 

We're proud to add these amazing creators to our program and hope we can continue to support you in creating high quality content. 

Great to have you with us! 

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