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Company Updates
February 15, 2023
min read
Noam Yadin

Content creators we'd love to invite to our Thanksgiving feast

Well, 2022 is coming to an end and what a year it has been. For the creator economy, 2022 has been the ‘year of the short-form video content’ - pretty much every social media platform dipped their toes into short videos, and those that were already nailing the short videos - experimented with creating a hybrid between short-form videos and longer-form video content. At the end of the day, or in this case, year, it all came down to money - which platform enables the influencer to create their content and make money. It also depended on the viewers - how they prefer to consume their favorite creators’ content.  

With all that being said, there were so many content creators on different platforms that helped us learn, be entertained, get updated, discover new hobbies, etc. We asked the ThoughtLeaders team to reflect on the content creator that they enjoy keeping up with and would love to invite to our Thanksgiving feast. Let’s just say, it will be a very chatty, interesting, and entertaining Thanksgiving!

Elsie Bernaiche, Director of Sales

YouTuber: Heavy Spoilers

I'm a huge nerd about everything Comic Books, Marvel films, and Game of Thrones, and honestly, no one else wants to talk with me about every little thing I love about these shows! But watching Paul's breakdowns and videos feels like I'm gushing about my favorite shows with a friend as equally nerdy as me. I hope by inviting Paul, he will give me the inside scoop on shows he's already previewed and can't talk about yet *hint hint* Black Panther 2. I know Paul can also hook me up with early access to House of the Dragon Season 2!

Max Rochman, Head of Account Management

YouTuber: XP to Level 3

Just a super wholesome D&D creator who has amazing insight for Dungeon Masters and makes funny D&D content. I've been inspired by him and lots of his advice in the games that I run. He also had a baby this year and I was genuinely excited for him!

Noam Yadin, Content Manager

YouTuber: Noelle Gallagher

My 2022 resolution was to read 23 books before 2023 - and, I read over 50 (hold the applause). I couldn’t have done it without the incredible BookTuber community who shared their book recommendations, novels you could skip, and introduced me to genres I never even considered. I would love to chat with Noelle Gallagher about all-things books - and what better place to do so than while chowing down on mashed potatoes and gravy? 

Tom Alush, Account Manager

YouTuber: Wisecrack

Wisecrack is a channel filled with academics, filmmakers, artists, and pop culture junkies who are curious about the world around us. I see Wisecrack's content and I say to myself, wow, this is a guy I'd like to have a conversation with. Super interesting stuff, with great philosophical thoughts! 

Yanna Berman Erez, Digital Marketing Manager

Blogger: Sara from

During my free time, I manage my own blog and the Gathering Dreams has inspired me time and time again. Every piece of content on her blog, especially the recipes, are the best I’ve seen on the internet. It is extremely evident that she takes her blog content creation seriously, creating extremely quality posts and beautiful photos. With all the content available around us, its rare to find someone stand out so beautifully.

Dan Conn, CRO and Co-Founder

YouTuber: Adrian Barker

Adrian Barker shares his love for all-things watches - everything from watch reviews to the history of well-known watch brands. Adrian Barker managed to get me re-interested in watches I can’t afford. Now, that I think of it - maybe I shouldn’t be thankful for him? Whatever the case, I really enjoy his content and would love to sit and chat. But, let’s just say, I’ll probably be leaving this Thanksgiving feast a little fuller, and a whole lot poorer. 

Adin Fuchs, Account Manager

TikToker: Erika Prescilla

My girl Erika makes me laugh like no other. She is the kind of creator that when I am having a bad day, I open up her TikTok page to scroll through all her content, new and old, because I know I am going to laugh out loud. She's just a Jersey girl living right outside NYC with her husband. She does funny bits, commentary, and talks about her life. Not only is her regular content hilarious, but her sponsorships are a delight to watch because she integrates them beautifully and almost organically and effortlessly into her content - which is very appreciated by this ThoughtLeader. If you need a good laugh, check her out. I would love to hang out with her on Thanksgiving.

Utkarsh Dalal, Senior Engineer

YouTuber(s): Game Maker’s Toolkit

I've always been interested in games, but never thought about how games were made, or the amount of effort that goes into designing them in way that is completely transparent to the user. Mark Brown points out the most innovative game dynamics and shares them, as well as holding his own design competitions that allow people to showcase their own game designs.

Shoshana Eilon, VP of Marketing

Podcaster: Michael Hobbes

My favorite “genre” of podcast is listening to people who are much cleverer than me discussing topics that I had no idea I was interested in. Micheal Hobbes is a master of the form. I spend an almost stalkerish amount of time each week with his voice in my ears, whether that’s listening to him tearing into wellness influencers in Maintenance Phase, or hearing him debunking pop science myths in his new podcast If Books Could Kill, or working my way through the You’re Wrong About’s back-catalog.

Alan Kronik, Account Manager

YouTuber: Chael Sonnen

I am a huge UFC fan and what better way to stay up-to-date with the sport than with UFC superstar Chael Sonnen. He speaks his mind and gives his unique perspective from the world of mixed martial arts. Chael Sonnen and his team are super nice to work with, so that's a huge plus! I just hope he won’t try a few tactics on me…especially after eating turkey. 

Jenny Codron, Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager

YouTuber: Sorted Food

If for some reason you haven’t heard of Sorted Foods, they are a group of mates battling to become awesome home cooks. If you love cooking challenges, taste testings, food reviews, and everything in between - you have to check them out! I would love to meet those characters in real life because they seem extremely genuine, funny, and easygoing. It would also make preparing the feast much easier - we would probably just let them do all the cooking.  

Eldon Alfar, Ad Operations Manager

YouTuber: Mikael & Megan

I really enjoy traveling, drinking coffee, and eating good food…and so do Mikael & Megan! This duo talk about their travels, try out good food, love enjoying their coffee, and discuss other interesting life topics. In my opinion, their channel is highly underrated because they honestly produce great videos - especially their travel content. I am so grateful for their channel because it continues to inspire me to do better in life and visit new places. 

Dvori Angel, Office Manager

TikToker: @hayleygeorgiamorris

@hayleygeorgiamorris Guess whos late for their reservation at the V Hotel? 🩸 #MeVsBrain #Funny #Comedy ♬ original sound - Hayley Morris

I honestly don’t know what’s better - Hayley’s British accent or her absolutely hilarious videos. Although Hayley focuses on the mind of a woman - you know, the dreaded period, having to go #2 at your boyfriends house, falling in love, shaving, etc., men could really learn from this hilarious TikToker. I would love to have Thanksgiving dinner with such a creative and funny persona and talk about the inspiration she gets from normal day-to-day life things. Although, maybe we should leave some topics off the table - at least until we finish the dessert. 

Pauline Cavan, Country Manager

YouTuber: Strictly Dumpling

I love Strictly Dumpling because I love dumplings (more specifically, dim sums) - it’s as simple as that. Watching his videos featuring different Asian cuisines brings to life the 50% Chinese in me and makes me crave Chinatown’s authentic street food. I especially admire how he has become a successful YouTuber but never forgets to recognize his Asian heritage. We will really be depending on him to bring a few dumplings to the Thanksgiving meal!

David Tintner, CEO 

Podcaster: Acquired

Their analysis on a company is amazing. They are experts at diving into the weeds and investigating the history, and then bringing it to life. Their episodes on TSMC, Amazon, and Taylor Swift are some of the best content I’ve ever listened to. If they were to join us at Thanksgiving, I have no doubt that the dinner conversation would be interesting, and that the meal would last no less than 5 hours

Jen Nepomuceno, Creator Liaison 

YouTuber: Marie Kondo

For me, as a homemaker I think Marie Kondo is super inspiring. She makes the task of tidying up look so easy and even therapeutic. I’m sure she’d look around my home and point out some things that definitely need some tidying up. When I watch her videos, she makes a lot of sense and I even said to myself ‘oh yeah, I should do that’. Especially during the pandemic when we had to stay indoors, we were thinking of ways to be productive in the house. So, through watching her videos, I was able to do some decluttering…. baby steps… in small parts. What I think Marie Kondo could bring to our Thanksgiving table would be a sense of peace and thankfulness. Not to mention - she would help us set up the table in the most aesthetic, yet minimal way possible. 

Arik Aviv, Fullstack Developer

YouTuber: Tom Cardy

When I’m not developing new features or coding, I turn to YouTube for entertainment - and, Tom Cardy delivers the goods. From his hilarious look to even funnier songs, there is no way you are finishing one of his clips without a smile on your face. He will definitely bring the musical factor to our Thanksgiving dinner. 

Sivan Ezra, Account Manager

Podcaster: BaldMove podcast 

BaldMove podcast is near and dear to my heart and I've been listening to them for years! Jim and A.Ron do in-depth long reviews and analysis of TV shows I'm obsessed with like Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, Stranger Things and more. My favorite thing after watching an episode of a TV show is listen to people discuss and dissect the story and the characters - I will listen to hours and hours of content and BaldMove is by far my favourite podcast. I find their analysis to always be really insightful and many times they will mention things I didn’t notice or come up with ideas I wouldn't have thought of myself. I'd love to have them over for Thanksgiving to chat about all the shows we love (and to also rant about how much season 8 of GOT sucked!)

Jody Fabros, Ad Ops Team Lead

YouTuber: But First, Coffee

I love it when things are clean and in order, especially with my shoes. I spend a lot of time organizing stuff and I’m obsessed with boxes, bins, or storage containers of any kind. That is why when I came across But First, Coffee back in 2020, it was such a delight! Her video 13 SIGNS That You Have Too Much Stuff is a real eye opener for me thinking that I might have an early stage of hoarding tendencies. I would love to get personal tips and tricks from her about all-things organization during the Thanksgiving meal. 

Clearly, there is a content creator out there for everyone - whether you enjoy consuming media via audio, visually or ‘quick and to the point’. Sitting around a table filled with mashed potatoes, turkeys, and pies while hanging out with these creators would be riveting…maybe one day! Happy Thanksgiving! 

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