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Industry Trends
February 22, 2024
min read
Tania Isakovich

The Best History Channels on YouTube

Why go to college when there’s YouTube?

YouTube stands as treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be explored. Far beyond a platform for humor and vlogs, YouTube serves as a constantly evolving repository of educational content. In the mood to learn something about the past? YouTube has (a seemingly endless) amount of channels that cater to everyone’s historical interests. 

With so manny history channels at your fingertips, we curated a list of the best history channels on YouTube. These channels show that learning can be entertaining as well.


The HISTORY® Channel is a division of A+E Networks. The channel promotes content from the television channel, and includes documentary, non-fiction series, and fact based scripted programming.

Subscribers: 13.1M subscribers

Total views: 4.38B

Average views per video: 34M

Most popular Video: Forged in Fire: 4 EPIC Blades That WOULDN'T KEAL

Sponsors: This is a commercial channel that promotes the TV channel.


Meet Stuart Webster, the creative mind behind OverSimplified, a YouTube channel that brings history to life through engaging animated videos. With a knack for making complex historical events easy to understand, Stuart covers everything from wars to revolutions with a humorous twist. Since launching the channel in 2006, he's captured the attention of history enthusiasts worldwide. His first video, WW1- OverSimplified (Part 1), debuted in 2016, marking the beginning of his entertaining and informative journey through the annals of history. Plus, fans can now own a piece of the action with his exclusive merchandise.

Subscribers: 8.26 M

Total views: 1,115,716,663

Average views per video: 34M

Most popular vid: WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)

Sponsors: NordVPN, Honey, Skillshare

Timeline - World History Documentaries

Introducing Timeline - World History Documentaries, a British YouTube channel diving deep into world history through engaging mini-documentaries. Since its inception on January 17, 2017, it has amassed over 5.1 million subscribers. Each video, lasting about an hour, features insights from history experts and documentary footage. Timeline collaborates with broadcasters like the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, and PBS, merging TV and online content seamlessly. Despite lacking a centralized team, it produces 3-4 videos weekly. Additionally, it hosted monthly livestreams titled "HistoryHitLive," offering interactive historical sessions lasting 30 to 40 minutes. 

Subscribers: 5.14 M

Total views: 1,142,820,813

Average views per video: 899K

Most popular vid: Angkor Wat: The Ancient Mystery Of Cambodia’s Lost Capital | The City Of God Kings | Timeline 

Sponsors: History Hit

Simple History

Meet Simple History, an English YouTube channel renowned for its animated educational history videos. Spearheaded by Daniel Turner, a self-proclaimed history geek, Simple History blends historical facts with a captivating graphical style. With Daniel at the helm as an illustrator and writer, supported by a team of 7 historians, 4 illustrators, and 2 animators, the channel delves into various historical niches, providing diverse and engaging content. Beyond videos, Simple History offers merchandise featuring their distinctive graphics. Additionally, they've ventured into publishing historical comic books, available for purchase on Amazon. 

Subscribers: 4.7 M

Total views: 1,419,306,136

Average views per video: 1.5 M

Most popular vid: Sniper Decoys: Dummy Heads

Sponsors: War Thunder, Wix, Ekster, World of Warships

Weird History

Weird History is a unique channel diving into lesser-known historical tales. From bizarre historical ideas coming true to surviving a Viking raid, they cover it all. Ever wondered how the Teddy Bear influenced political rivalry? They've got a video on that too! Each video is a quick 10-minute mini-story, like how Elizabeth I's makeup might have caused her death, with over 15 million views. What makes Weird History stand out is its variety. Whether you're into ancient history or modern oddities, there's something for everyone. From small quirky events to major historical shifts, they've got you covered.

Subscribers: 4.41 M

Total views: 632,643,792

Average views per video: 740K

Most popular vid: What May Have Caused the Death of Elizabeth I

Sponsors: World of Warships, Wondrium, Kingdom Maker

Extra History

Extra History is a captivating project by the creators of the Extra Credit YouTube channel. Initially focusing on gaming industry insights, Extra History evolved into a spin-off dedicated to exploring intriguing historical topics. It all began with a mini-series on the Punic Wars, requested by Creative Assembly for their game Total War: Rome II. To support the growth of Extra History, the team launched a Patreon campaign. Topics for episodes are chosen through monthly polls fueled by suggestions from Patreon supporters. The show boasts its own dedicated staff, including talented artists like David Hueso, Lilienne Chan, Heather McNabb, and Nick DeWitt, along with musical contributions from Deana and Sean Kiner.

Subscribers: 3.23 M

Total views: 1,112,754,072

Average views per video: 678 K

Most popular vid: D-Day - The Great Crusade - Extra History - Part 1

Sponsors: Trade Coffee, Incogni, God of War

Absolute History

Meet Absolute History, a British channel delving into captivating tales from the past. Established in 2019, the channel has hundreds of videos, each offering deep insights into historical events. With hour-long episodes, they focus on unusual and dark aspects of history, particularly the Victorian era. From crime to lethal household inventions, they uncover lesser-known yet fascinating facets of history. Described as "the home of fun, shocking, and curious tales," Absolute History offers diverse content, from Tony Robinson's Worst Jobs in History to Suzannah Lipscomb's Hidden Killers. Join for an entertaining and enlightening journey through history!

Subscribers: 2.79 M

Total views: 800,466,115 

Average views per video: 837 K

Most popular vid: The Most Lethal Household Inventions In History | Hidden Killers | Absolute History

Sponsors: History Hit

Epic History TV

Introducing Epic History TV, founded by Toby Groom in 2015 with a mission to revolutionize history documentaries for today's online audience. Toby, armed with an M.A. in History from the University of Edinburgh and years of experience at the History Channel, brings his passion for history to life through short, dramatic, and fact-filled videos tailored for history enthusiasts, students, and casual viewers alike. Epic History TV specializes in recounting epic battles, wars, and the lives of notable generals. Toby personally researches, writes, and animates each video, drawing from his extensive background in documentary production, including acclaimed works such as Blood & Bullets: The Story of Military Medicine and Auschwitz: Journey into Hell.

Subscribers: 2.23 M

Total views: 256,207,838

Average views per video: 1.5 M

Most popular vid: Alexander the Great (All Parts)

Sponsors: Brilliant, G2A, Displate, Crusader Kings 3, Nord VPN

The Armchair Historian

Griffin Johnsen, aka The Armchair Historian, is an American history YouTuber and founder of Armchair Historian LLC, celebrated for animated history videos. Griffin's content spans modern, early modern, and sometimes ancient history. His team, featuring notable members like Turkbud and Candywise, handles the drawings and animation. Facing YouTube demonetization challenges, Griffin launched Armchair History TV on August 30, 2019. This unique streaming service, joined by 47 other YouTubers offers unique historical content.

Subscribers: 2.22 M

Total views: 324,266,092

Average views per video: 1.1 M

Most popular vid: D-Day From the German Perspective | Animated History (REMASTER IN DESCRIPTION)

Sponsors: Speakly, Incogni, MagellanTV, Holzkern

See U in History / Mythology

See U In History is a captivating channel established in 2017. With each video, viewers embark on a journey through stories narrated alongside animated illustrations. Each video is around 3-4 minutes long. Focusing primarily on mythology, See U In History delves into folklore creatures from various cultures. From Baba Roga, the witch of Balkan folklore, to Trauco, the seductive dwarf of Chilean legend, they explore a diverse array of mythical beings. In addition to mythology, the channel covers religious characters and gods, offering intriguing insights into ancient beliefs and traditions. 

Subscribers: 2.08 M

Total views: 352,195,399

Average views per video: 197K

Most popular vid: Egyptian Mythology: The Essential - Ra, Horus,Osiris, Seth, Anubis, Bastet - See U in History

Sponsors: World Anvil, Squarespace, CuriosityStream

Fall of Civilizations

At the helm of Fall of Civilizations, Paul Cooper writes, produces, and hosts a riveting podcast that has soared to the top ten British podcasts since its inception in 2019, accumulating over 100 million listens. Each episode delves deep into the mysteries of vanished civilizations, offering profound insights into their rise and fall. Accompanying the podcast, Fall of Civilizations presents meticulously crafted YouTube videos, featuring 2-3 hour lectures on specific topics accompanied by captivating visuals. From Byzantium to the Aztecs, the Khmer Empire to the Assyrians, each video unveils the secrets of a vanished civilization, enriching our understanding of human history.

Subscribers: 1.13 M

Total views: 135,338,994

Average views per video: 3.4 M

Most popular vid: 8. The Sumerians - Fall of the First Cities

Here is a brief look at some of the metrics of these channels captured by our intelligence platform:

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