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Company Updates
August 17, 2022
min read
Noam Yadin

Shouts is here: Real-time notifications about online activity

At ThoughtLeaders, we collect and analyze a whole lot of data surrounding online content, across millions of channels. We recently released a new feature that allows users to cherry pick the data that is most relevant to them and get it sent directly wherever they need to see it. 

Shouts enables users to get custom real-time notifications about the information and updates they care about - everything from instantly verifying that an ad has gone live as scheduled (and is formatted correctly) and tracking that the views guarantee has been reached to getting notified when new channels surpassed a certain number of subscribers, likes, views, sponsorships and keeping a close eye on your competitors. 

Where did the idea for Shouts come from? 

We are all familiar with notifications - getting direct updates without needing to scour for the information. One of our key developers came up with the idea of integrating the concept of notifications to our platform - as mentioned earlier, we are constantly collecting data, so why not configure these pieces of data into valuable snippets that can help people in the influencer marketing industry work faster and more efficiently? After discussing this idea with some of our top clients, we quickly came to the conclusion that receiving real-time, customized updates about online activity is extremely valuable for our users.   

How does it work? 

On a regular basis, we need to keep an eye on online activity while constantly searching for creators that could seamlessly integrate on campaigns. We set out to build a system that would automate this daily workflow - honestly, everyone in the industry struggles with the same process. We currently offer two types of customizable notifications - Activity Checks and Custom Recommendations. 

Activity Checks 

Activity Checks keeps you up-to-date with everything you need to know about the sponsorships you are currently running so you can stop constantly checking your ads. Here are some of the direct notifications you can receive:

  • Instantly verify that an ad has gone live as scheduled and the formatting is correct - the link is above the fold and your brand is mentioned correctly
  • Ensure non-compete clauses haven’t been breached by creators you work with
  • Track that the views guarantees have been reached within the agreed time period
  • Perform brand safety checks to make sure you catch any inappropriate content before it’s too late
  • Stay updated on channel growth or decline, as well as any major shifts that might impact your revenue projections

Custom Recommendations 

Custom Recommendations sends you real-time alerts about the channels or brands that match exactly what you are interested in (based on the filters you set), so you can stop wasting time scouring for new emerging talents and let the data do it for you. Here are some of the direct notifications you can receive:

  • You can create a list of the brands you want to keep an eye on, and we will notify you whenever they sponsor a new channel
  • Get notified when new channels surpass a certain number of subscribers, likes, views, or sponsorships
  • Identify organic mentions of relevant brands to find creators who are already talking about brands in your space
  • Explore content topics and discover new trends
  • Jump on channel growth - track subscribers, views, likes, and identify viral content

Who is this useful for? 

The influencer marketing industry is constantly on the move - new YouTube videos are uploaded on an hourly basis, new emerging talents are joining the platform, more and more brands are tapping into this marketing technique, and it's very difficult to keep your fingers on the pulse. If you are struggling with these pain points - Shouts is for you. 

As our product manager, Chen Dahan, puts it, “this notification system is super versatile and new use cases are constantly popping up”. While creators may opt to customize their Shouts according to new brands that have recently joined the influencer marketing realm or to stay up-to-date on which brands are currently sponsoring YouTubers in the same niche, agents will most likely find notifications about rising stars (new YouTubers you should keep an eye on) extremely beneficial. 

What are the benefits of working with Shouts? 

Influencer marketers will agree that it's getting more and more difficult to keep a close eye on all the campaigns your brand is running as well as search for new sponsorship opportunities. We set out to build an automated system that can ease aspects of the workflow so you can focus on other facets while confidently knowing that you will be notified when an important online activity takes place. Let’s take a closer look at just some of the ways Shouts comes in handy: 

Improve campaign performance

We found that aside from checking off our daily tasks, we also wanted to keep both creators and brands updated with their currently running campaigns. But, it's difficult (and time-consuming) to constantly check the progress, success, and even downfalls of ongoing campaigns. By receiving real-time notifications, you are able to track your campaigns and get notified when milestones are achieved. These notifications can help you update clients much quicker because you’ll receive them in real-time (with a message already curated). 

Saves time

We can all agree that scouring for creators that fit all the brands preferences is extremely time consuming and tedious. We can also agree that there are a number of parameters that would ideally help you better understand online behavior, but you just don’t have the time to dive into. By getting notified about different kinds of online activity, our agency has been able to spend more time strengthening their relationships with brands and ultimately campaign success.  

Keep an eye on competitors

There are so many brands that are targeting the same type of audience and searching for the same type of creators. But, who has time to scour for these competitors and understand their strategy? By specifying the niche you are interested in and brands that most likely have the same marketing technique, you can keep a close eye on competitors’ marketing strategies and ultimately decide what to do with all that information. 

Rising stars

Initially, this aspect was created for our agency - getting updated whenever a new YouTuber gets sponsored by a leading brand. In other words, getting alerted when a potentially-successful YouTuber should get on our radar. It’s safe to say that our agency has come to depend on this benefit - even mentioning that ‘it was the best thing that ever happened to the team’. We decided to share the feature with clients who also saw amazing potential. Think about it - you can get real-time updates about creators you should be keeping an eye on and possibly even booking before they get too popular. 

Brand tracking

So, we’ve covered being able to track your brand’s ongoing campaigns and future campaigns, but what about all the times your brand is mentioned organically? It’s important to keep an eye on who is mentioning your brand (both positively and negatively) and in what context. You can set the notification system to ping you whenever your brand is mentioned, how many times, and whether that content has gone viral. Remember, the more information you have the better.  

What feedback have we received about this feature? 

We have played around with this feature in-house and let some of our clients take it for a spin and, let’s just say - the excitement was real. While many users were eager to set up their preferences and jump on the information shared in the notifications, others realized that Shouts may replace some of their current employees - “I got 2 people doing exactly what this feature is automating”. Chen Dahan even revealed that many first-time users exclaimed “HOLY $#%!” after giving the feature a spin. 

The best part is - the skies the limit. We are planning to continue adding customized Shouts that touch on pretty much every outlet of an influencer marketer’s workflow. Chen Dahan explained, “it may take some clients a little time to truly realize how big of an impact this could have on their current business and workflows”. 

If you couldn’t tell already, we are very excited about this new feature! If you want to get more information about Shouts, how it can help you, and how to get started with this notification system - do not hesitate to reach out.

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