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Influencer Marketing
October 18, 2023
min read
Noam Yadin

Productivity apps that nailed their influencer marketing strategy

In today's fast-paced digital world, productivity apps are like our trusty sidekicks, helping us juggle our crazy schedules and work smarter. But what makes some of them stand out? Influencer marketing. 

What are productivity apps?

Productivity apps are software applications designed to enhance efficiency, organization, and time management in various aspects of personal and professional life. These can range from apps on mobile devices to extensions you can install on your browser.

An important aspect of productivity apps is that - productivity is deeply personal. Each person has their own way to manage their schedules, delegate work, track habits, and organize everything in between. And, there are so many different tools and apps available, it can be quite overwhelming to not only choose a productivity tool that works for you but truly understand how to use the app to its full potential. 

Productivity apps and influencer marketing

Influencer marketing thrives in the realm of productivity apps due to its ability to humanize and contextualize their benefits. When influencers endorse these applications, they can effectively demonstrate how these tools integrate into their daily routines, showcasing real-world applications. So let’s say they need to create designs for their branding and multiple channels. They may use a logo maker and film content about how they do so and how important of a role that tool plays in their creative process. This relatability fosters a sense of trust and authenticity, vital in a market saturated with digital solutions. Additionally, influencers often possess niche expertise, allowing them to connect with specific target audiences who share a common interest in productivity. Consequently, their recommendations resonate deeply with followers, driving engagement and conversions for productivity apps. 

Here are the productivity apps that nailed their influencer marketing strategy:


Notion actually started as a note-taking app but has become a hybrid interface that is made up of a note-taking app, a database app, and a content management system. The thing that sets Notion apart from other similar apps is that users do not need to stick to a rigid organizational structure, instead users are free to create the system that works best for them or choose from a wide variety of templates. And, what better way to highlight all the different ways you can use Notion than with YouTubers sharing their tried and true methods.  

Over the last few years, Notion has sponsored over 80 YouTube channels, including lifestyle channels, BookTubers, family focused channels, travel vloggers, and of course, productivity channels. Through its partnership with a wide range of content creators, Notion racked up over 15.8M views - that’s a lot of exposure for the productivity app. One of its most successful partnerships has been with UnJaded Jade (912K subscribers) - a lifestyle/productivity YouTuber. Her sponsored video How I Organise My Life for the New Academic Year: Notion Tour for Productivity received over 688K views and, according to our views over time graph, it is still racking up views.

This project management app doubles as a productivity tool with key features that help users manage tasks and workflows and carry out multiple tasks (without things falling through the cracks). It’s great for teams because it gives each and every user a clear view of what work needs to be done and what is the status of each task. tapped into YouTube sponsorships back in 2018 and has since received over 36M views via sponsored videos. Out of the 150+ channels they have partnered with, their most successful sponsorship has been with Linus Tech Tips (15.4M subscribers). has sponsored Linus Tech Tips 6 times, racking up over 8M views! 

Take a look at one of the videos sponsored on Linus Tech Tips’ channel:


Trello is a productivity tool for the visual planner as it enables users to organize projects and everything related to them into boards. This digital tool follows the Kanban system, which is a popular methodology used to achieve lean management 

When it comes to productivity, specifically the most aesthetic way to stay on top of your daily to-do’s, AmandaRachLee should be your go-to YouTube channel. The bullet journal master knows a thing or two about how to stay organized, stay productive, and enjoy the process of keeping up with both. So, it’s no surprise that Trello decided to sponsor a video on AmandaRachLee’s channel. 

In her video How to Be Organized + Productive, Amanda shares her love for Trello’s interface, especially when she has many different things on her mind that she just needs to throw onto a digital paper (neatly, of course). Trello helps her take care of the aesthetic aspect of things, so she can just focus on planning, organizing, and scheduling her various tasks. 


Sunsama allows users to create to-do lists, schedule tasks and collaborate with team members. But, what sets it apart from competitors is its features, such as the ability to pull tasks from other task management tools (Clickup, Gmail, Asana, Trello, Google Calendar, etc). Also, Sunsama’s algorithm helps users prioritize your tasks based on deadlines and importance so you can confidently focus on the most important, time sensitive tasks first. 

Although Sunsama is fairly new to YouTube sponsorships, it has already partnered with a variety of different YouTube channels and accumulated over a million views. Sunsama’s most successful partnership has been with How to ADHD, specifically their video Defeating Executive Function Challenges: Home Edition (110K views). Throughout the ad-read, the YouTuber focuses on the tools and elements that are featured in Sunsama that she uses on a regular basis, such as the focus bar and ability to plan out tasks step-by-step. 

In a world where productivity reigns supreme, these apps have mastered the art of influencer marketing, showing us the perfect blend of tech and strategy. They've proven themselves as indispensable tools, simplifying our schedules and boosting teamwork. By forging connections with influencers, they've not only gained recognition but also built trust among users.

Are you ready to find influencers to book for your next campaign? Get started now! 

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