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August 13, 2021

Is podcast advertising effective?

The short answer to this question is YES. 

Numerous studies have shown that 78% of podcast listeners approve of podcast advertising and 67% remember brands and products from podcast ads. One study conducted by Midroll indicated that over half of podcast listeners are more likely to buy from brands that advertise via podcasts

However, beyond all of these studies that point to audience growth and buying intent, we know that podcasting advertising is effective from the simple fact that brands return to this marketing strategy time and time again. 

Let’s look at a brand like BetterHelp. Our data shows that they’ve sponsored almost 1000 podcast shows over the past year, spending around $10 million dollars in the process. That represents a hefty investment from their marketing department, and they wouldn’t be continuing with this strategy if the results didn’t exceed this investment in advertising. 

With podcast advertising, there are so many different topics available that you can easily choose shows that speak to a certain demographic that matches your product or service. For example, to promote a B2B brand you might want to partner with podcasts aimed at entrepreneurs

So, to sum up: is podcasting effective? 

  1. The results of consumer surveys and industry studies shows that podcast ads are one of the most effective kinds of digital advertising
  2. The spending level of brands that use podcast advertising regularly shows that this method is highly effective and continues to justify their ongoing investment in podcasts
  3. Podcast advertising can help you to speak directly to a specific niche audience

Learn more about getting started with podcast advertising with our post Everything you wanted to know about Podcasts but were afraid to ask.

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