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Industry Trends
July 8, 2024
min read
Blake Zeve

Top 8 entrepreneurship podcasts

Entrepreneurship sounds vague. It seems as though everyone has their interpretation of what it means to be an entrepreneur. With that, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is an entrepreneurship podcast that represents each one of these interpretations. As a matter of fact, as of March 2021, there were 1.95 million entrepreneurship podcasts circulating worldwide. This is why I have curated this listicle to guide you, my passionate and driven audience, bringing you the top 8 entrepreneurship podcasts for your listening and enjoyment needs. After diving into our ThoughtLeaders sponsorship intelligence platform, cross-checking with dozens of sites, and ranking more than 250 of the most frequented podcasts, these eight podcasts tended to weather the storm of the search and secure their spot in this following listicle. 

Looking for your daily dose of knowledge? Need some inspiration?  Look no further...

1. The Tim Ferriss Show.

This guy is the champ, he consistently found himself towering over all podcasts in his space. He also happens to be one of my personal Thought Leaders of choice. To say that he is raw is one thing, but his ability to be open about his own life lessons, mistakes, and accomplishments really brings it home. He invites a wide variety of guests to his show ranging from actors, athletes, scientists, and yes you guessed it, entrepreneurs. Along with business strategies and tips, you’ll be extra impressed by his book recommendations, life hacks, and super immersive conversations.

Make sure to check out the episode featuring Debbie Millman as a guest speaker. She is a powerhouse design expert, author, brand consultant, and podcast host herself. 

The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Tim Ferriss? Click here to learn more.

2. How I Build This with Guy Raz.

Engaging, relatable, personable, and damn interesting! These are my ultimate reasons exactly why I keep on coming back for more. Here you can tune into the journeys of real entrepreneurs building fascinating companies. In story format, they share exactly what they went through to turn their dream into a pretty awesome reality. Get the inside scoop of some of the world’s best ideas with NPR’s Guy Raz. He asks all of the hard questions and does his absolute best to dig deep and to fully understand what keeps these entrepreneurs grinding day after day. It will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take on any challenge this world has to offer and quite possibly be that “thing” that turns your idea into a reality. 

Guy Raz has interviewed lots of tech founders, from Instagram and LinkedIn to Reddit and Lyft, but Joe Gebbia’s discussion of starting AirBNB is one of the most engaging. I recommend you check this one out.

How I Built This podcast

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Guy Raz? Click here to learn more.

3. StartUp.

This documentary-style podcast captures your attention. It’s unique. It’s interesting. It’s a story about Gimlet Media by Gimlet media. Simultaneously launched with the kickoff of this impressive company by its very own founders. This podcast is a window into the beginnings of a hugely successful business venture and reminds you exactly why you decided on your entrepreneurial path from the get-go. The most recent seasons are focused on external companies and every single one is more influential than the next. 

Personal recommendation: If you are going to get into this podcast, it is only worth it to start from the beginning and finish it through. It is absolutely worth it.

Startup a Gimlet podcast

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with StartUp? Click here to learn more.

4. Startup Stories - Mixergy

Here, it’s all about the grit. Jump right in and hear about Andrew Warner’s journey starting his podcast and education venture. His interviewees tend to come from companies that you probably have not heard of, but in this case, makes it so much fun. These stories are fresh, new, and guaranteed to give you a new perspective on the entrepreneurial space. Unlike those big-name stories that keep invading your ears for the one-zillionth time. Are you a business founder? Here, you will get our questions answered by the best in the business.

Definitely check out “How to Produce Like a Linchpin By Understanding Your Lizard Brain”. In this episode, marketing guru Seth Godin discusses how to open up your creativity while confronting "lizard brain" based fears. Super interesting, and super valuable. Of course you must also check out our very own CEO and Co-founder, David Tintner, appearing on the show!

Mixergy podcast

Our favorite episode? The Mixergy interview with ThoughtLeaders CEO David Tintner, of course!

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Andrew Warner? Click here to learn more.

5. Masters of Scale

What do these following names have in common? Susan Wojcicki, Phil Night, Brain Chesky, Bill and Melina Gates, Richard Branson. I will go ahead and give you a hint. BUSINESS ICONS. That’s right, these are the leaders of YouTube, Nike, Airbnb, Gates Foundation/Microsoft, and Virgin. On this podcast, you will find all of these and every other business icon your entrepreneurial brain can think of. My recommendation would be to tune in if you are more of a seasoned entrepreneur with few years of experience.

Don’t miss the Tyra Banks episode. They talk about what it takes to succeed in the modern business environment, and why you need to strut your stuff: to cultivate a personal brand that supports career growth. No one represents this better than Tyra Banks. As a model, a producer, and an entrepreneur, Tyra has forged a personal brand that has enabled her to make multiple pivots, building fame, wealth, and meaningful impact on the issues that matter most to her.

Master's of Scale podcast

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Masters of Scale? Click here to learn more.

6. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Simply put, John Dumas gets you off your A** and gets you motivated to start hitting your goals. John has a history in business and also did a stint in the military, which becomes quite apparent after a few listens. He does an incredible job at revealing the essence of why businesses succeed, in the most inspiring way possible.

Check out the “How to Connect with Anyone You Want with Travis Chappell” episode. Direct Sales Consultant Chappell discusses the top 3 value bombs you can use when reaching out to people. I have used these myself, and don’t know how I lived before i knew these reach out cheat codes.

Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast

Be sure to check our our podcast episode where CEO David Tintner sat down with John Lee Dumas to discuss how he gets it all done.

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Entrepreneurs on Fire? Click here to learn more.

7. This Week in Startups.

Think of this as a fun and humorous way to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the startup world. Jason Calacanis digs into some pretty interesting stories, finds inspiration in each of them, and brings great tips to the table that any serious entrepreneur will find valuable. 

The “Andy Rachleff Shares Insights from Co-Founding Benchmark & Building Wealthfront” episode is super insightful. You will hear Rachleff talk about Benchmark, and building Wealthfront to manage more than $10 billion in assets. Don’t miss it.

This Week in Startups podcast

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with This Week in Startups? Click here to learn more.

8. Smart Passive Income

The big daddy, the godfather, one of the longest and most recognized podcasts out there. This is for the internet natives, those looking to make some digital benjamins. Plat Flynn is a master of his craft, and his craft is interviewing. You can expect to hear some excellent conversations from marketing pros, YouTube, E-Commerce geniuses, and other entrepreneurs alike. Get to know their strategies from stars like Tim Ferris and Gary V. Get in their heads, take a look around and feel a whole lot more confident about your next digital campaign. 

When it comes to Pat Flynn, it really doesn’t matter what episode you decide to dive into. What he does so well is bring tremendous value to every single one of his episodes. It feels a bit wrong to choose a single episode from his massive selection of insightful pieces. Go ahead and check him out, I guarantee that he does not disappoint.

Smart Passive Income podcast

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Smart Passive Income? Click here to learn more.

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