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August 13, 2021

November 2020 Product Update

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Taking out the guesswork with Sponsorship Intelligence

Sponsorship Intelligence allows you to use historical sponsorship data to make big decisions with your marketing budget with less guesswork. 

How can you use this to find a publisher for your brand? The answer starts with you: what does your brand do? Who are your key customers? Who are you targeting? 

With our latest updates, it’s even easier to generate and vet a list of thought leaders who are relevant to your brand. 

Using the sidebar of the content feed allows you to sift through and find the content creator you want to sponsor next.  You can use these filters to sort through the tens of thousands of creators we are tracking. Here’s an example of a custom search for a YouTube channel relevant to a food brand: 

With the new update it is easier than ever to quickly check for content relevancy and more. You are able to control the exact data you see and you don’t even have to be a data pro! In order to find a channel to sponsor, it’s a good idea to look at channels that are already accepting sponsorships, so you can do this easily with the  ‘Likely Sponsored’  button.

The table is currently showing results filtered by highest views. However, you can filter every column you see above to get different insights. 

We have also included information about the channel such as subscriber count, projected views, content and brand mentions. You can also see a quick summary of any channel you are interested in: simply click on the channel to bring out the side panel of the channel as you see below.

To compare this channel to a channel that works for you, you simply click ‘Compare’ and type in the channel that you have worked with in the past. You can now see a full breakdown of the two channels side by side.

Once you have found a channel that fits what you are looking for when it comes to content, you can then explore the brands that they have featured in the past. The full breakdown of the history of all brand mentions (both organic and sponsored) is available on the revamped publisher pages:

Just like that you can discover, vet and come to the negotiation with insights ready to blow the socks off the many publishers you are going to approach. 

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