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August 13, 2021

Welcoming on board our new VIPs

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For the past four years, Fortnite has consistently been one of the most popular online games with a community of millions of fans all over the world. So it's no surprise to see how crowded the Fortnite YouTube creator community has become. A quick look at the brand page shows us that Fortnite is everywhere. 

All of this makes our newest addition to the VIP program all the more impressive! 

FriendlyMachine is the destination for daily Fortnite content! Covering the latest leaks, updates and

anything else in the world of Fortnite. FriendlyMachine provides the fiercely devoted fans of the game with all the latest news in a fun and accessible way which makes it easy to see why he is so popular.

Within the world of Fortnite focused creators, FriendlyMachine is ranked among the top five in several categories, boasting an average viewership of 184,000 views, with a monthly reach of 12,000,000 each month! 

Here’s a taste of one of the channel’s videos from earlier this month: 

Kevin Talbot

Hobby channels on YouTube (and RC car channels in particular) attract a dedicated audience who won't hesitate to invest online for what they are passionate about. 

Which makes perfect sense when we take a look at how often these creators receive sponsorships and the amount of brands who invest in these channels. 

Which makes the addition of our newest VIP all the more exciting! 

Kevin Talbot is one of the world's leading authorities on all things remote control, attracting over 200K views per video (3M monthly views!) and has placed him in the top 3 RC creators world wide. 

Kevin has been producing high quality content for RC enthusiasts for several years now and has decided to take with us his first steps into the world of brand sponsorships. 

Here’s a taste of his channel: 

Joel Hansen

Joel Hansen is not your typical competitive eater, Joel combines two seemingly impossible careers! 

Being a successful model all while traveling all across North America beating one food challenge after the other. These two worlds make him a unique talent in the hugely popular world of competitive eaters on YouTube. 

Being able to combine these two careers has made him a unique creator among other food challenge creators and a favorite among leading brands like Surfshark, The Ridge and Keeps (to name just a few).

Here’s the most viewed video on his channel, and one of his biggest eating challenges to date: 

To learn more about any of these YouTube talents, please get in touch for more information! 

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