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May 17, 2024
min read
Aviva Matan

How much money does Kendall Rae make?

People can’t seem to get enough of true crime content. From movies to TV to podcasts and docuseries on streaming platforms, the array of platforms offering true crime investigations continues to grow. (Who can forget the SNL parody song Murder Show?)

And true crime is a staple for many on YouTube. Creators have found massive success digging up cold cases and exploring criminal investigations. We created a list of some of the top true crime creators on YouTube here

One mainstay of true crime is Kendall Rae. The rising creator signed with management firm Night last year. And her star continues to rise, as she has expanded her content beyond Youtube.

Who is Kendall Rae?

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Kendall started on YouTube  in 2012, initially sharing a diverse range of content from beauty tips to personal vlogs. However, it wasn't until a few years later that she found her niche in the realm of conspiracies, mysteries, and true crime. As her videos began to resonate with audiences, attracting thousands of new followers, Kendall recognized the potential of the true crime genre.

With the success of her crime content, Kendall made a strategic shift, focusing exclusively on unraveling mysteries and investigating real-life cases. She has amassed a dedicated fanbase, with over 3.7 million subscribers on YouTube, and hundreds of thousands more on Instagram and TikTok. Among her catalog of content, one standout piece is "When Mean Girls Become Murderers," a long-form investigation that has gained an impressive 8.7 million views.

Committed to the Victims

Fans say there is something that sets Kendall apart from other true crime creators: her commitment to respect and advocate for the victims and their families. When so many true crime creators seem to exploit the perverse and gory details of these dark cases, Kendall Rae has won the admiration of fans for being respectful to the victims and their families.

What is Kendall Rae’s Demographic?

Her audience is primarily US-based (61%) and overwhelmingly female (91%!!). Thirty-four percent of her viewers are ages 18-24 and forty-four percent are between 25-34. You can explore more of Kendall's statistics here

How much money does Kendall Rae make on YouTube? 

If you just focus on YouTube’s AdSense, Rae's income depends on her RPM (revenue per thousand video views). So, how much money does Kendall Rae make per video? If Kendall Rae RPM is approximately $6 and it gets an average of 780K views per video then each video brings in over $4500 per video from YouTube ad content alone.

How much money does Kendall Rae make from sponsorships?

Rae has a steady track record working with brands. She partnered with numerous brands including Audible, Hello Fresh, ThredUp, Express VPN, Rocketmoney, PDS Debt, Pixly, Betterhelp, and many more.

According to our YouTube sponsorship calculator, we can predict that an ad placement on this channel is worth around $0.026 CPV. That means that with Kendall Rae’s current average views, a sponsorship on this channel probably stands between $17850 and $24990. Of course, there are various factors that might impact this rate, such as bulk booking of ads and fluctuating industry trends.

How else does Kendall Rae’ make money?

Podcasts: She co-hosts two podcasts. The Sesh explores topics including current events, pop culture, commentary, and a little true crime. Mile Higher is co-hosted by Rae’s husband, and covers topics including “conspiracy theories, unexplained phenomena, metaphysics, futurism, ancient civilizations, and news stories the mainstream media doesn't cover”. Both shows have their own separate YouTube channels with pretty dedicated followings.

Merch: Kendall has a full merchandise line that features the logos of her shows on various types of clothing. She also published her own adult coloring book.

CBD Products: In partnership with her husband, Kendall founded the Higher Love Wellness Company, which sells a range of CBD-related products.

How Evergreen is Kendall Rae’s content?

Evergreen content on YouTube refers to videos that remain relevant and valuable to viewers over an extended period. Our new measurement tool - the evergreen score - computes the data and helps you understand which videos are on the trajectory to continue to get views over time, and which videos have lost their appeal and flatlined (available in our paid plan). We also introduced another feature - back catalog views which is the channel's total views in the last 30 days, minus the views of the videos published within the last 30 days. This gives you a good idea of how evergreen the channel's content is.

Over the last 30 days, the Kendall Rae channel received 2.63 M back catalog views. To put this in context, during the same period, this channel accumulated over 6M total views, meaning that her back catalog content received 44% of its total channel views over the last month.

Rae’s most evergreen video is The Murder of Brooke Preston & the Truth About Hulu's "Dead Asleep" (3.3 M views) with an Evergreen Score of .56.

As you can see from our views over time graph, this video has consistently received more and more views since it was uploaded in March 2022. It gained 1.7 million views right after it was released. And then over the next two years, it has gained an additional 1.5 million views.

You can check out more information about Kendall Rae’s channel here.

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