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May 8, 2024
min read
Noam Yadin

Best True Crime YouTubers

True crime has captivated audiences worldwide, and YouTube has become a hub for creators to delve into these gripping and often chilling stories. From in-depth analyses to unique twists, these true crime YouTubers have amassed millions of subscribers with their captivating content. Join us as we explore some of the most popular true crime channels on YouTube, each with its own distinctive style and approach to unraveling the mysteries behind heinous crimes.

1. Law&Crime Network

With 4.7 million subscribers, Law&Crime Network, created by renowned legal commentator and attorney Dan Abrams, takes viewers deep into intense court cases and celebrity justice. The channel's best-known feature is its insightful analysis of true crime stories. One of their most popular videos, Bodycam Shows Police Tasing Armed Woman in Florida Walmart, has garnered an impressive 48.1 million views.

2. Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian, with 6.9 million subscribers, brings a unique twist to true crime storytelling by discussing these chilling events while doing her makeup. Her unorthodox approach has resonated with audiences, and her video Jeffrey Dahmer. Inside His Messed Up Mind and How He Almost Got Away has gained 26 million views.

3. True Crime Daily

True Crime Daily, boasting 5.1 million subscribers, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to covering every detail of true crime cases. Each video feels like a comprehensive documentary, attracting a dedicated fanbase. Their most-viewed video, Man Brings Pizza to Teen's House, Meets Chris Hansen Instead, has an impressive 59 million views.

4. MissMangoButt

MissMangoButt, with 1.4 million subscribers, combines the fascination for true crime with mukbang-style eating/cooking videos. Sharing some of the scariest crime stories while enjoying a meal, MissMangoButt's channel offers a unique and captivating experience. A Gardner and His Butterflies (Kidnapped Women He's Desperate to Preserve) is one of her notable videos with 2 million views.

5. Eleanor Neale

Eleanor Neale, with 2.5 million subscribers, merges her love for true crime with her background in psychology. By sharing insights into criminals' thought processes, she provides a deeper understanding of their actions. One of her most popular videos, The Becky Watts Case, has accumulated 6.2 million views.

6. Boze vs. the World

Boze vs. the World, with 882K subscribers, takes a lighthearted approach to true crime storytelling. Unlike other channels, Boze infuses humor and cracks jokes, adding a unique twist to the narrative. Insane Narcissistic Mom Loses It When Son Refuses to Come Home is one of her most-viewed videos, with 4.2 million views.

7. Kendall Rae

With 3.5 million subscribers, Kendall Rae sheds light on lesser-known crimes, hoping to bring justice to those in need. Her investigative findings and compelling storytelling have garnered her a dedicated following. When Mean Girls Become Murderers is one of her popular videos, with 8.2 million views.

8. Bella Fiori

While Bella Fiori covers a variety of content on her channel, her exploration of mysteries has garnered significant attention. Remaining impartial, Bella allows viewers to draw their own conclusions while presenting intriguing cases. The Case of Shannon Matthews: SOLVED stands out with 5.6 million views.

9. Ask a Mortician

With 2 million subscribers, Ask a Mortician, hosted by mortician and author Caitlin Doughty, delves into true crime while also addressing fears surrounding mortality. This highly informative channel aims to provide answers and a unique perspective. Why JFK's Casket Stayed Closed has accumulated 8.2 million views.

10. Vintage Files

Vintage Files, with 268K subscribers, specializes in exploring mysteries from the past, making it the go-to true crime channel for history enthusiasts. This channel takes viewers on a deep dive into historical cases, ranging from unsolved disappearances to ghost ships and everything in between. Delving into forgotten stories, Vintage Files sheds light on intriguing and often puzzling events from bygone eras. One of their notable videos, 5 Fearless Female Soldiers of WW2, highlights the remarkable contributions of women during World War II and has garnered 182K views. 

Is there anyone you think we missed from this round up of the best True Crime YouTubers? Let us know

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