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Industry Trends
June 28, 2023
min read
Noam Yadin

How much money do kid YouTubers make?

MrBeast is not the only channel on YouTube that is racking up an unimaginable amount of views - a handful of kid YouTubers are playing with top-notch toys, going on luxurious vacations with their family, and vlogging their daily lives all while accumulating millions of subscribers and billions of views (you read that right). This obviously translates to a lot of money! 

Now, you might be saying ‘I know about Cocomelon - the songs are living rent-free in my brain’. But, we’re not talking about kids focused channels, we are talking about kid YouTubers between the ages of 1 to 13 who are the main faces behind some of the most viewed channels on YouTube, such as Ryan Kaji, Kids Diana Show, Vlad and Niki, and more. 

Kid YouTubers have been around for years but there was a significant rise in demand for kids’ video content when the pandemic hit. Some of the reasons for the increase in kid YouTubers during COVID-19 include: YouTube was a great way to entertain kids while they were stuck at home, watching other kids online helped children around the world feel less lonely, and, let’s be honest, its super entertaining to watch children play with toys you can only dream of. Due to these famous kid YouTubers, more than 52% of kids aged 6-17 want to become kid YouTubers. 

How to make money on YouTube

It’s no secret that YouTubers, in this case kid YouTubers, make a lot of money on YouTube. But, how do they make money on the platform? And, how much do these famous kid YouTubers make? Here are some of the primary ways YouTubers generate income on the platform:

  1. Ad revenue: YouTube's Partner Program allows YouTubers to monetize their videos through advertisements. Ads are displayed before, during, or alongside the video content, and creators earn a portion of the revenue generated from these ads. The amount earned can vary based on factors like ad formats, viewer engagement, and advertiser demand. It’s important to note that the minimum age for this is 18 years, so a child’s YouTube account must be linked to an approved parent’s AdSense account. On average, kid YouTubers make $5 per every thousand views through ads. 
  2. Channel memberships: Eligible YouTubers can offer channel memberships, where viewers pay a monthly fee to access exclusive perks, such as badges, emojis, or exclusive content. Memberships provide a recurring revenue stream for creators and allow them to foster a dedicated community. This also requires a YouTube account linked to an approved parent’s AdSense account. 
  3. Brand collaborations and sponsorships: Many kid YouTubers collaborate with brands for sponsored content. These collaborations can involve featuring or promoting a brand's product or service within their videos, such as toys, games, activities, etc. Creators earn money through these partnerships, either through flat fees, commission-based earnings, or a combination of both. 
  4. Merchandise: Kid YouTubers often create and sell branded merchandise to their young audience, such as clothing, toys, games, and even books. This allows creators to monetize their brand and engage with their fans in a tangible way.
  5. YouTube Premium revenue: YouTubers who have viewers who are YouTube Premium subscribers can earn a portion of the revenue generated from these subscriptions. This revenue is based on factors like watch time on their content by premium subscribers.

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Let’s take a look at a famous kid YouTuber and calculate how much money they make on the platform:

Ryan’s World

Subscribers: 35M 

Total views: 56.6B 

Average views: 22.7M

How much money does Ryan’s World make on YouTube?

If you just focus on YouTube’s AdSense, Ryan Kaji’s income depends on his channel - Ryan’s world’s - RPM (revenue per thousand video views). So, how much money does Ryan’s World make per video? If Ryan’s World RPM is approximately $5 and he gets an average of 22.7M views per video then each video brings in over $113K from YouTube ad content alone. Ryan’s World earns an estimated $26 million a year from YouTube alone.

How much money does Ryan’s World make from sponsorships?

According to our YouTube sponsorship calculator, we can predict that an ad placement on this channel is worth around $0.011 CPV. That means that with Ryan World’s current average views, a sponsorship on this channel probably stands between $255,375 to $357,525. 

According to Forbes, Ryan Kaji, better known as Ryan’s World earns approximately $37 million a year. 

The power of evergreen content in kid’s YouTube channels

Evergreen content on YouTube refers to videos that remain relevant and valuable to viewers over an extended period, often for years or even indefinitely. These types of videos are not tied to a particular event or trend and can be watched and enjoyed by viewers regardless of when they were published. The evergreen score measures the longevity of a video’s views by comparing the views the video had within the first 30 days after it was published to the views it had in the successive period. The scores range from 0 to infinity. But, a score of 1 or higher is considered very evergreen as it indicates that the video had more views in the period after its first 30 days than it did in its first 30 days.  

Kid YouTube channels are thriving with evergreen content because not only are the videos entertaining all year round, but their audience - young viewers - are probably not affected by how relevant the content is and whether or not the information is up-to-date. So, the videos created by kid YouTubers continue to provide value to viewers long after they were originally posted and can often continue to generate views and engagement over time. This ultimately enables these kid YouTubers to maintain a sustainable and growing audience, and on top of that, maintain a steady, quite enormous stream of income. 

Let’s take a look at an example of a kid YouTubers’ evergreen content:

Diana and Roma

Subscribers: 23.7M 

Total views: 6.9B 

Average views: 13.9M

Diana and Roma are siblings who play, learn, sing, explore, and share their life experiences online. Millions of kids around the world enjoy exploring the world and learning about all kinds of things alongside these kid YouTubers. Their videos are super entertaining, and their video thumbnails are eye-catching and colorful - making it impossible for young viewers to skip Diana and Roma’s videos while scrolling through YouTube. 

Diana and Roma have an extremely high evergreen score - according to our evergreen score calculations, their video Diana kids stories and summer rules has an evergreen score of 329. As can be seen in the views over time graph below, it took 2 months for this video to reach 1M views. However, between October to November this videos views jumped from 1.1M views to 32.8M views. Today, less than one year later, this video has racked up 209.3M views and its continuing to generate views. 

Diana and Roma increase in views evergreen score

Quick math: If Diana and Roma’s channel earns $5 per 1,000 views and this video currently stands at 209,000,000 views, these kid YouTubers made over $1M on this video alone. They have over 500 videos on their channel and upload 2 videos a week - simple math doesnt cover how much these 9-year olds make. 

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Famous kid youtubers and how much money they make 

  1. Kids Diana Show

Subscribers: 112M

First published: May 12, 2015

Most popular video: Diana and her Barbie Car - Camping Adventure (1.9B views)

YouTube ad income (approximately): $420K

  1. Like Nastya 

Subscribers: 106M

First published: December 14, 2016

Most popular video: Nastya and Papa Sleeping at Farm Sheep (935 million views)

YouTube ad income (approximately): $560K

  1. Vlad and Niki

Subscribers: 98.1M 

First published: April 28, 2018

Most popular video: Vlad and Niki - New Funny Stories About Toys For Children (1.1B views)

YouTube ad income (approximately): $670K

  1. Ryan's World

Subscribers: 35M 

First published: March 16, 2015

Most popular video: Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge with Inflatable water slide (2.1B views)

YouTube ad income (approximately): $115K 

  1. Smile Family

Subscribers: 22.3M

First published: March 14, 2018

Most popular video: Sasha Play with New Cat Bus and Sing a Song (306M views)

YouTube ad income (approximately):  $70K

  1. Diana and Roma

Subscribers: 23.6M

First published: March 2, 2017

Most popular video: Diana, Roma and their Beach (335M views)

YouTube ad income (approximately): $70K

  1. EvanTubeHD

Subscribers: 7.0M

First published: September 20, 2011

Most popular video: World's Largest Gummy Worm vs. Kid! (145.3M views)

YouTube ad income (approximately): $1.2K

  1. Jason Vlogs

Subscribers: 17.2M subscribers

First published: September 5, 2015

Most popular video: Playing with Stacking Rings for Children (479.5M views)

YouTube ad income (approximately): $50K

  1. Gaby and Alex

Subscribers: 17M

First published: April 23, 2016

Most popular video: Bath Song - Kids Song - Gaby and Alex (1B views)

YouTube ad income (approximately): $100K

  1. Hailey's Magical Playhouse for Kids

Subscribers: 2.2M

First published: March 12, 2015

Most popular video: Fun Pretend Play with Dolls, Are you Sleeping Brother John (129.3M views)

YouTube ad income (approximately): $25K

Over the past few years, more and more creators have been growing their channels as kid YouTubers, and more and more brands are interested in sponsoring kid YouTube channels. The kinds of brands we see that are regularly sponsoring makeup YouTubers include Spin Master, Mattel, Anki, and many more. If you’d like to see even more metrics and analytics about these channels, and other kid YouTubers, sign up to our free plan here.

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