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August 13, 2021

Deepening the data pool

We have some impressive updates on our platform:

  • Welcoming Twitch as a format to our platform
  • Added an extra level of analysis for podcasts with podcast transcripts allowing you to dive deeper into the conversations and sponsorships of podcasts
  • Added more data as per our clients request mainly around country, category of content, projected views and more across our various reports that dive into content, brands, creators and trends as a whole in the market.


As you can see, around a month ago, our CEO, David Tintner, was very excited about the new release and boasting 53 brand mentions across 16 creators (pictured below).

Slack message boasting 53 brand sponsorships on Twitch

Fast forward a month later, we are now tracking over 838 brand mentions in Twitch content across 23,040 different creators and we are continuing to scale and improve our processes with this new but familiar format.

This is huge because it has become data that can actually be dissected, analyzed and help make strategic decisions with partnerships in Twitch thanks to the data we are tracking.

As of writing this article we have content dated back to 2009 and you can see below the huge spike of involvement across mentions, brands and creators as a whole as this format is becoming more and more popular amongst avid gamers as well as those just tuning in.

Twitch trend

This is an exciting format to expand into and we really look forward to keeping you updated along the way as we bring essential data to your fingertips.

Podcast Transcripts

Rewind two months ago, we were excitedly informed that we are tracking 50k podcast episode transcripts! 

Tracking 50K podcast transcriptions

Today, we are tracking over 480K episodes and growing on a daily basis. Insanely good job Utkarsh and team! This has allowed our champion users to dive deeper into podcast conversations and not just the sponsorships. 

Now you can go beyond the data of who sponsored an episode and see which brand is sponsoring a certain conversation, might it be “health AND fitness” or perhaps “finance AND market crash” and much more.

Thoughtleaders SAAS platform

Added more data in our reports

Ask and you shall receive.

Our champion users are as hungry for data as we are and at times we receive extra data point requests around certain formats, exportable reports and more. For example: network filter- quickly filter by podcast networks instead of writing them all out manually

Network filter update

Extra data points

We find ourselves adding monthly to the list of data points you can choose from around creators and brands. Just this last month, we added three under ‘country’ (where the content is created), projected views (a ThoughtLeaders algorithm that accurately represents an expected view count on the next video), podcast hosts and more.

Extra data points on Thoughtleaders SAAS platform

I am so excited to see what the coming month and rest of the year has in store for our product and we are looking forward to keeping you up to date with it. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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